Free Skate Stickers


We cannot imagine life without stickers. Whether on scratched skate decks, helmets or on a surface of choice - stickers make life more colorful and provide a place with a new shine and a personal touch. Often misunderstood as vandalism, stickers can be found everywhere in urban areas and at particular spots. And that’s perfect. But where do you get all the great stickers of your favorite skateboard brands?

skatedeluxe has the answer!

How do you get free stickers with your order?

Subject to availability you can add free stickers to you shopping cart. If you have a special wish for a sticker just let us know in the comment box when you choose the way of payment. Moreover, we also offer stickers that you can buy. Just type “sticker“ in the shop search or click here:

How do you get free stickers without an order?

If you just want stickers, join our free Premium Club, collect points and redeem them for the SK8DLX Special Reward Sticker Pack. Each pack contains 20 - 30 stickers and we'll be happy to ship them to you for free!