Better safe than sorry – The new SK8DLX caps and sunglasses collection

Cap & sunglasses – a dream team in summer and for some even vital accessories, without which one couldn’t leave the house. To keep things interesting above the neck, the current SK8DLX accessories collection provides you with a lot of hot stuff to choose from! The new caps and sunglasses for every occasion are now [...]


Sour Skateboards Promo 2016 – Video Of The Year?

The Sour Skateboards Crew just released their new Promo Video that could be video of the year! No excessive logo and product placements, no huge travel budget, no fancy title or #hashtag – just Gustav Tønnesen behind a VX1000 in Barcelona. Well, yeah I know we’re a little late, but I just saw the clip [...]


Insomnia – The Antix cap collection makes its debut!

High-resolution 4K, crisp sequences and clinical pics taken by drones? Well, Antix follows a different aesthetic approach. The headwear brand committed itself to the dark alleys of the everyday urban life. The crew is known for their lo-fi clips filmed with the famous Sony VX1000. As for today, the first Antix cap collection is making [...]