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Stickers and skateboarding go together like the griptape and deck. Whether on the helmet, on the fridge, on the spot or on your deck - skateboard stickers make life more colorful and express which brands you support. At skatedeluxe you have several options to get skateboard stickers.

How do you get free stickers for your order?

At skatedeluxe you can add a free skatedeluxe sticker pack to your shopping cart for larger orders *. Included are skatedeluxe stickers in different shapes, sizes and our current designs. Simply scroll down to free items in the shopping cart and add the stickers to your order.

*Only while stock lasts

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As a Premium Club member, you can order the skatedeluxe Special Reward Sticker Pack with your Premium Club points. This package includes randomly selected stickers from the most popular skateboard & streetwear brands from the skatedeluxe skate shop. You are not yet a member of the skatedeluxe Premium Club? Become a member now and get special rewards and exclusive benefits. You can find all information in the Premium Club..

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You are looking for specific stickers? In the skatedeluxe skate shop you will also find a large selection of skateboard stickers from many brands that you can easily buy online. Whether simple logo stickers, unusual designs or high-quality die-cut stickers: here you can decide which stickers will come onto your deck.

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