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Sorry - there is currently no ongoing Go Skate Challenge!
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Past challenges

Go Skate Challenge #5

Slappy Season


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Go Skate Challenge #4

Transition Edition


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Go Skate Challenge #3

Ishod Edition


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Go Skate Challenge #2

Go Skate Week Edition


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Basic challenge:

FS Shove It


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Advanced challenge:

BS 5-0


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Check out our trick tips and already improve your skills for the upcoming challenges.


What is the deadline for submitting my clip?

Each Go Skate Challenge has its own deadline. You have until then to submit your clip. Just check the current challenge for more info.

Can I do the trick in the skate park / at another obstacle?

If it is not explicitly stated in the challenge, you can do the trick wherever you want.

Can I use old footage?

The Go Skate Challenges are meant to give you a mission for your session and have fun skating. We will not check when your footage is from. However, we prefer to see fresh footage.

What format does my clip need to be in?

In principle, you can participate with any format. We recommend 16:9 clips for Instagram Reels or TikTok or 4:5 clips for Instagram Feed videos.

Do I have a better chance if I enter on Instagram or TikTok?

We regularly check submissions on both platforms. Which one you enter on is up to you. Multiple entries will not give you an advantage.

How are the winners selected?

As a rule, the winners are selected by us at random. The drawing of the winners may vary depending on the type of the current Go Skate Challenge.

Conditions of participation

All decisions are final. The terms and conditions of participation for raffles and competitions apply. The following terms and conditions are formally and legally binding:

  1. This contest is not connected to, organized, sponsored or supported in any way by Instagram and/or TikTok.
  2. By participating, every competitor gives skatedeluxe permission to use the provided video material (for example, to announce the winners).
  3. As a participant, you guarantee that all user and other ancillary rights, as well as other rights to the submitted video material has been observed and that the imagery is unencumbered by any third party claims.

Stay tuned!

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