Premium Club FAQ

1. What is the skatedeluxe Premium Club?

The skatedeluxe Premium Club is skatedeluxe’s bonus program where you can collect points for rewards and status advantages through various activities. Membership is free for skatedeluxe customers and can be terminated at any time.

2. Who is allowed to join the skatedeluxe Premium Club?

Only private customers with a skatedeluxe customer account are eligible to become members. Membership is only currently possible for customers with a shipping address within the EU, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. We are working on a solution for other countries.

3. How do I become a member of the skatedeluxe Premium Club?

For the membership to skatedeluxe’s Premium Club, you will need a customer account. You can sign up for the Premium Club at any time during the creation of a customer account or even at a later date. You will then gain access to a separate section where you can view all of the information about your membership and carry out different activities.

4. What kind of points are there?

There are Premium Club Points and Status Points. Premium Club points can be exchanged for exclusive rewards. Status Points determine your Premium Club Status.

Premium Club Points and Status Points are always displayed separately in your Premium Club account details and in the ordering process.

5. How do I get points?

5.1 Shopping at skatedeluxe:

For every item in your order, you will receive the number of points stated on the product’s detail page as Premium Club Points and Status Points.

Points will be credited to your skatedeluxe Premium Club account 30 days after shipping the order.

You will not receive points for returned items and for orders made before your Premium Club membership.

5.2 Reviewing products:

For every approved product review you create, you’ll receive 10 Premium Club Points. In order to earn these points, please write an informative and relevant product review. You can find more information on this in the text field for writing the review. Your review and points will be approved by our team within three days.

5.3 Subscribing to our newsletter:

By subscribing to the skatedeluxe newsletter, you will receive a one-off of 50 Premium Club Points that will automatically be added to your account.

5.4 Registering for the skatedeluxe Premium Club:

When you register for the skatedeluxe Premium Club, you will receive a one-off of 50 Premium Club Points that will immediately be added to your account.

5.5 Refer a friend:

As soon as you are at least a Premium Club Flow member, you can create discount vouchers for your friends who are not yet skatedeluxe customers. For every voucher your friends redeem on their first order, you will receive 400 Premium Club points. The points will be credited 30 days after shipping the order, at which time the voucher has been redeemed. Please note that the first order cannot be a gift card and that you can refer a maximum of 15 friends per year.

6. When will the points be credited to my account?

Premium Club Points and Status Points for orders will be credited 30 days after your order has been shipped. Premium Club Points for your membership and newsletter subscription will be credited immediately. Product reviews will be approved by our team within three days. Premium Club Points will be credited directly after approval. Premium Club Points will be credited 30 days after your friend's first order is shipped.

7. Where do I see how many points I have collected?

You can view the current points balance for your Premium Club Points and Status Points in your Premium Club account and skatedeluxe customer account. Please note that points for orders will not be credited until 30 days after shipping it.

8. How can I redeem points for rewards?

Just browse through our rewards shop for the latest rewards. If you have a sufficient amount of Premium Club Points, complete the order process and we will send the reward of your choice to you as soon as possible. ATTENTION: It is only possible to send one reward per order. Please note that Status Points cannot be exchanged for rewards.

9. Why didn't I receive any or less points?

The reason for this may be one of the following:

  1. You returned one or more items.
  2. our product review wasn’t informative or relevant enough.
  3. You have yet to complete the subscription process for our newsletter or finished registering for the skatedeluxe Premium Club.
  4. More than 30 days have not passed since your last order has been shipped.

Please note that you will receive Status Points for orders only.

If none of the reasons above apply, please contact our customer service.

10. When will I receive a Premium Club Status?

Starting with the first credited point from placing an order, you will receive a Premium Club Status.

Your Status Points will be credited 30 days after your order has been shipped. Your Premium Club Status is determined by the Status Points collected over the last 12 months. Every day we will check to see if you have reached a higher status. Once you have earned the required number of Status Points, you will receive the appropriate Premium Club Status and related benefits. We will notify you as soon as you have received a new status.

For an overview on different status benefits and how many Status Points are required, visit the Premium Club How-To.

11. How long is the Premium Club Status valid?

Beginning with the day you receive your status, it will remain valid for 12 months.

Should you reach a higher status within these 12 months, your new status will be valid for 12 months starting from the day the status is reached. After this time, your status will be re-evaluated based on the Status Points you have accumulated over the past 12 months.

In your Premium Club account details, you will find out how long your status is valid. We will also notify you by e-mail as soon as your Premium Club Status changes.

12. Can my points expire?

Status Points expire 12 months after they have been credited.

Premium Club Points expire only after inactivity. If no points are credited to your account over a period of at least 36 months, all points collected will expire on 01.11. of every calendar year. Your points will not be forfeited if you make at least one order as a Premium Club member at least every 36 months or earn points through another activity.