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If you need some basic tips when choosing your skateboard deck, you can find all the info in our skateboard deck category. With our skateboard configurator, you'll have created a perfect setup with the deck of your choice in just a few steps, with everything guaranteed to fit together. » Tips in the skateboard ... [read more]

Classic, Full, Shaped or Twin Tail: Our skatedeluxe decks come in many different shapes, widths and lengths. To help you quickly find the ideal deck for you, we have created the skatedeluxe Shape Guide.

Our decks differ mainly in the shape. If you think of a "classic skateboard", this most likely applies to Classic, Twin Tail or Full Shape decks. Still, these boards have small but subtle differences.

Shaped decks and Old School decks are shaped a bit more unusual. Special features here are an often flat or pointed nose and a short, angular tail. Shaped decks are often very wide and are also suitable as cruisers. For additional information regarding deck characteristics, our skateboard configurator & even more, click here.

Our skatedeluxe deck shapes