Top 5: The best skateboard truck brands of the year

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Click through the top lists of the last years and find out which skateboard trucks were popular in the past. For even more skateboarding retrospection, check out the history of skateboarding. The top skateboard truck brands 2021 Independent Thunder ACE Venture Tensor The top skateboard truck ... [read more]
Top 5 skateboard trucks

If you've been skating for a while, you've probably already tried out a few skateboard trucks. While the steering behavior is most important to some, others pay more attention to the weight or grind behavior of skateboard trucks. With the large selection, perhaps you've also wondered which skateboard trucks are the best.

Of course, there's no easy answer to that. Instead, we checked sold trucks, brand shop visits, search queries and other factors from 2022 and put it all into a list of the most popular skateboard truck brands. In the top 5 truck brands you'll find out which trucks we think are the best.

Below you'll get an overview of which truck brands were the most popular in previous years.

The top skateboard truck brands of 2022

The top skateboard truck brands of 2021 - Film Trucks

5. Film Trucks

Film Trucks is the brand of French skate legend Jérémie Daclin. This year film Trucks has worked its way up into the Top 5 of the most popular trucks for the first time. A classic geometry, good durability and a joyful steering behavior distinguish Film Trucks!

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The top skateboard truck brands of 2022 - Venture Trucks

4. Venture Trucks

Thanks to sophisticated geometry, high-quality workmanship and low weight, Venture Trucks are again among the most popular trucks in 2022. Ideal for street skateboarding, Venture trucks with the iconic V-Hanger offer a distinctive ride with a unique design.

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The top skateboard truck brands of 2022 - ACE Trucks

3. ACE

Now firmly established in the top trucks list: ACE Trucks. Skateboard trucks from ACE have been popular with pool skaters for years, but also convince in street skateboarding. ACE trucks score with long durability, special riding performance and maneuverability. In addition, there is the characteristic look, which has made ACE also 2022 sought-after trucks.

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The top skateboard truck brands of 2022 - Thunder Trucks

2. Thunder Trucks

Thunder Trucks stand like no other skateboard truck for precise steering behavior and optimal control and their noticeabe low weight. From hollow to titanium, Thunder offers everything that you could want from skateboard truck. No wonder that Thunder Trucks is also one of the most popular skate trucks in 2022.

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The top skateboard truck brands of 2022 - Independent Trucks

1. Independent Trucks

Built To Grind - this slogan is not a meaningless advertising slogan for Independent Trucks. Anyone who has ever ridden Independent trucks usually sticks with these for good reason. The Stage 11 truck or the last year introduced Mid truck are well known among all street, park or bowl skaters and convince with refined geometry, steering behavior and durability.

Thus, the trucks of Independent are rightly in first place of the top trucks list.

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