Current Skateboarding & Streetwear Trends


adidas does it, Vans too, and HUF anyway - the collaboration phenomenon is always present in skateboarding. Whether it’s a collab between two skate brands or a cooperation with an artist or a magazine, the resulting collection unites not only the ideals and ideas of both parties, most of the times it’s an one-time deal. To keep track of those exclusive collections, you find the latest skateboard collabs as well as limited editions right here.


Classics never go out of style! That applies to streetwear as well as to shoes, which is why you can always rely on skate shoe classics from brands like Vans, Nike SB or adidas Skateboarding. These models won't go out of fashion tomorrow, but have proven themselves through quality and performance over many years and thus earned their place in skateboarding.


The skateboard industry is constantly evolving and therefore skate brands will always be influenced by the latest fashion trends and popular styles while creating their collections. If you want to know which accessories, clothing and shoes everyone wears at the moment, then you've come to the right place.

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