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Built from the ground up. The Wayvee brings together the best of Vans' skate shoe range. Willow Voges Fernandes has already tested the Tyson Peterson Signature Vans Wayvee on the streets of Warsaw. [read more]
Vans Wayvee Vans Wayvee Vans Wayvee
Vans Wayvee

Vans Wayvee

Built from the ground up.

The Wayvee brings together the best of Vans' skate shoe range.

Vans Wayvee

Combined in the Wayvee: the top technologies from Vans

Designed according to the imagination by the Vans Skate Team, the Wayvee contains the best features of the Vans Pro skate shoes. From energy-return insoles to an all-new lacing system, the Wayvee has a few surprises in store.

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Vans Wayvee

Longer sessions - PopCush insoles

Vans' most advanced insole technology! Here you get a foamed material with energy-returning properties and excellent cushioning with pinpoint boardfeel.

Vans Wayvee skate shoe - PopCush insoles
Vans Wayvee

More durability - Duracap reinforcements

The Wayvee also provides the tried-and-tested Duracap reinforcements. The rubberized panels are located under the upper of the shoe and ensure longer durability in high-stress areas such as the toe cap.

Vans Wayvee skate shoe - Duracap
Vans Wayvee

Innovative design - New shoe lacing

A special feature of the Wayvee is the lacing of the shoe. Here, they've thought of every possible scenario . A mixture of ghillie loops, as well as recessed and reinforced eyelets, ensures that the Wayvee's laces remain intact even under extreme wear.

Vans Wayvee skate shoe - shoe lacing
Vans Wayvee

Maximum control - Wafflecup sole

The Wayvee uses Vans' Wafflecup sole construction, which is also used on the Crockett Pro or Kyle Pro. This is where the best features from the vulcanized and cup soles come together. For the Wayvee, the profile of the sole has been completely revised: more grip, longer durability & maximum board control.

Vans Wayvee skate shoe - Wafflecup
Vans Wayvee

Unique look - Mesh & suede upper

The upper of the Wayvee is made of durable suede and breathable mesh on less stressed regions. This mix was already well worth it in the AVE Pro, giving the skate shoe its distinctive look.

Vans Wayvee skate shoe - Upper
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