Withdrawal and Return

100 day return policy

You have the right to return any product purchased at our shop within 100 days after you received the delivery and we will refund your money. If you’d prefer, we can clear your credit with a new order - e.g. exchange it for a different size product.
See our terms and conditions for more details: Instructions on returns

Is the return free?

Returns are free in the UK, the entire European Union, Switzerland and Liechtenstein if you use the return documents provided by us. You can start your return by clicking the "Make a return" button here: My account - orders
We cannot provide a free return for deliveries outside of the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

How to send something back?

  • Start the return process by clicking the "Make a Return" button here: My Account - Orders
  • The returned items should be new and boxed as new. Please do not remove the labels and, if possible, use the packing box in which the order was delivered in order to prevent damage to the product packaging. If the labels have been removed, please return them along with the items anyway.
  • Cut out the return label and attach it to the parcel with adhesive tape or glue. If available, remove old labels and bar codes on the outside of the box so that the parcel is properly addressed.
  • Bring the parcel to your nearest post office / pickup point and keep the receipt until we confirm by email that we've received your return. You can track the status of your parcel online with the help of the tracking number.

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I didn't get any return documents – what can I do?

Please follow the return procedure under My Account - Orders. You will get a printable PDF file with the return documents. If you don't have access to a printer, please demand a letter from us.

What will happen with my credit?

After receiving and processing your return, we will fulfil your wish as stated on the return. You can state if you'd like to receive a refund or if we shall clear your credit with a new order or an exchange.

How long will the refund take?

We guarantee the refund of paid sums within 10 days after arrival at our warehouse. Credit from PayPal or credit card payments will be refunded to the very same PayPal or credit card account.

Will my discount coupon become void after my return?

Yes and no. If the total purchase value of the items you keep falls below the minimum value required for the coupon, the discount will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded. However, if you want to make an exchange for another item of the same product type (shoes -> shoes or pants -> pants) and the minimum merchandise value is still reached, we will be happy to grant the discount again.
How? Just add a comment when selecting your payment method, e.g. "Exchange - please grant the discount again, since I will lose it because of the return."

What is the current status of my return?

You can check the current status of your return by clicking on "Submitted return" in your order. If we already received your return according to the tracking link we will usually process it within 2-3 working days. You will receive an automatic e-mail as soon as we finish processing your return.

How can I make a complaint about a purchased product?

If you want to complain about an item due to a defect or similar issue, please send us 2-3 photos via e-mail, whatsapp or facebook. You can also just return the item. Please note down where the item is damaged and how it happened so that we can process your complaint as fast as possible. Please also tell us if you want to have a replacement item (if available), reimbursement or a voucher.