Top 10: The best skateboard deck brands of 2018

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Which deck brands were popular in 2018? Are European deck brands still dominating the scene? We've compiled a list of the top 10 of your favourite skateboard deck brands of the year - take a look!

Often discussed and still unanswered: What skateboard deck brand is the best? Unfortunately, we don't really have an answer to that. However, based on the decks we sold, brand shop visits, search queries and other factors, we created a list of your favourite skateboard brands of 2018.

Our own brand SK8DLX has not been taken into consideration for this ranking. However, we'd like to thank you for your loyalty towards our SK8DLX decks, we appreciate it! But back to the matter at hand- here are the most popular skateboard deck brands of 2018.

The top skateboard deck brands of 2018