Top 5: The best skateboard truck brands of 2018

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Which skateboard trucks last the longest? Which one grinds the best? It's definitely a topic to be discussed. We'll tell you which skateboard truck brands you liked most in 2018.

One likes tight turns, the other is all about weight. So, the question remains: which skateboard trucks are the best? It's probably a matter of taste. Nonetheless, we've put together a list of the most popular skateboard truck brands in 2018 based on sales, searches, brand shop visits, and a few more parameters.

The Top Skateboard Truck Brands of 2018

Destructo Trucks

5. Destructo

Lowered kingpin & models made of aluminium that is also used to manufacture weapons are what gives Destructo Trucks their unmistakable qualities. Yes, you read that right, weapon production! Destructo Trucks also has lightweight models like the D.2 Lites. Get new Destructo Skateboard Trucks starting at 24.99 EUR a piece.