Skateboards and Longboards

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Skateboards and Longboards

From the very beginning, skateboarding was never just a sport. Skateboarding is an attitude and a sense of life which influenced the complete scene and various generations. We want to keep skateboarding alive and provide you with everything you need for a successful skate session. skatedeluxe is your core online shop for everything that belongs to skateboarding and presents the best brands on the market. It doesn’t matter if your heart beats for skateboarding or longboarding, you will totally make a find at skatedeluxe. Create your own setup with the skateboard configurator or pimp your skateboard with new equipment. Learn everything about boards, the history of skateboarding and the right skateboard assembly or improve your skills with the help of our trick tips for flat, curb and transition. Finally, we have the newest informations about our skateboarding and longboarding team for you and you can see the latest videos of our team riders.


A deck, two trucks and four wheels – these are the most important components which amount to your skateboard. But skateboard decks aren’t immediately skateboard decks and trucks not immediately trucks. There are so many kinds of skateboarding and any kind has its own equipment. For street skateboarding, you need other features than in the vert or the bowl. In our shop, you find the perfect equipment for any opportunity from famous brands like Almost, Element, Girl, Plan B or Independent. So you can show your skills in the city as well as in the skate park. Our skate team offers you the newest footage because Willow, Denny Pham, Ben Dillinger and Christoph Radtke push their level to the maximum!


Also longboarding is all about decks, trucks and wheels. But a longboard deck has other features than a usual skateboard. As the name implies, the deck for a longboard is a little longer, the truck gap is bigger and the wheels are way bigger, too. That enables driving stability at high speed and various disciplines like downhill, sliding, cruising and dancing. You find everything you need in materials and components in the skatedeluxe online shop because we stock the best products of the leading brands like Loaded, Sector 9, Long Island, Landyachtz, Caliber and Globe. Additionally, you get special protective wear which is part of our binding offer because your safety first. Our team riders Sebastian Hertler and Julian Fuchs provide the latest video material and basic tips for your first lines on the longboard.

Cruiser and Completes

It’s pretty easy losing track in the deck, truck, wheel and bushing jungle, especially as a beginner. Complete boards are a good alternative. The skateboard completes as well as the complete longboards include a deck, fitting trucks, suitable wheels, bushings and a griptape. So you can start your next session shortly after unpacking. The same applies to cruisers which are more compact and perfect for riding in the city.

Protective Wear

Many injuries are possible while skateboarding. It can hit your arms, knees or head. To keep the risk as low as possible, you find a big assortment of helmets and protectors at skatedeluxe. Pads of TSG, Pro-Tec, Triple Eight or G-Form enable maximum security of your extremities. Special produced slide gloves and full face helmets give you a good feeling while longboarding at high speeds and rapid runs.