First, please register your return online. To do this, go to your customer account. Select the said order from "Orders", click "More details" and finally use the button "Make a return".

We suggest that you order your exchange by following the instructions below or by requesting the exchange by phone or e-mail, so that the replacement product can be reserved for you until we've received your return.

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How To: Make an Online Exchange

Once you've submitted your return, place a new order as per usual and keep the following instructions in mind:

  1. Select your preferred shipping method for the exchange. If you used express shipping for your original order and would like to make the exchange using express shipping again, we'll offer a discount on the second round of express shipping costs.
  2. We recommend paying again, your exchange will then be shipped right away. If you don't want to pay again, select the "Pay in Advance (Bank Transfer)" payment method (only available in SEPA countries; contact us otherwise).
  3. In the comment field, make sure to write: "Exchange for order [order #]". Complete your order as you normally would. After that, don't be confused by the automatic e-mail. We'll process your order based on the comment you left, so please just wait for our reply.
  4. If applicable, we'll make sure that any discounts are applied and you'll get free standard shipping.


Do I have to pay for shipping costs for the exchange?

We don't charge standard shipping costs for exchange orders.

  • If you want to get your exchange as soon as possible, please refer to the "Make an Online Exchange" instructions and place a new order online. We will usually refund the balance from returns within 10 business days, depending on the transit time of the package.
  • If your online exchange includes shipping costs, we can either refund them to you or deduct them before shipping. Just make sure you follow the instructions to tell us about your exchange early. If the delivery is again to be made by express shipping, we can give you a discount on the express shipping costs.
What will happen with my credit?

You can always receive a refund regardless of which payment method you chose (credit cards are a bit special, however*). If you want us to use your credit towards an exchange, please note that we can only ship your order after we've received and processed your return.

If the credit from your return is enough to cover the cost of your exchange order (e.g. same product in a different size), you'll normally receive a shipping confirmation email for your exchange order within 2-4 business days after we've received your return. We'll refund any remaining credit or ask for your bank info so that we can make a transfer.
Alternatively, you can also get a voucher to use towards your next purchase.

If the credit from your returned item(s) is not enough to cover your exchange order, we'll inform you of this and ask you for additional payment. If you tell us in advance what you're sending back, we can calculate the remaining difference before we receive your return. That way, we can process your exchange order faster.

*Credit card payments

If you paid by credit card, then due to accounting reasons, your credit will be refunded first. Afterwards, your credit card will be charged with the invoice amount for the exchange order. We recommend that you re-pay for your exchange online. Any possible shipping costs can be refunded or deducted before shipping if you inform us beforehand about the exchange in the comment field.

Will my redeemed discount voucher still be valid?

That depends on the value of the returned items and the exchange items. If possible, we will grant the discount again.

If the total value of the items you've kept from your first order and the items you've ordered in your exchange order is above the minimum purchase value required for the use of the discount voucher, we will accept the discount for your exchange order.