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To select bearings for some is a religious decision. One side will forever be bound the the famous Bones Reds, the other will only allow Shake Junt or Independent to touch their wheels, again others will leave no doubt that Sector 9 Ceramic Race bearings are the one and only choice. No matter your choice in our shop you'll find a grand selection of bearings from companies like Rush, Bones Bearings, Modus, Black Panthers, Bear, Hard Luck, Jart Skateboards, Independent, Seismic and many more for your skateboard or longboard.

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To start you'll need a pair of bearings for each wheel. Whether you just want to cruise or improve your skills in the park, without bearings, there is no movement. You can choose from wallet-friendly ABEC 3 bearings, improved ABEC 5 ones for your higher demands or ABEC 7 high-performance and long-lasting bearings for heavy duty. Of course we have 10mm bearings for your longboard trucks and you can as well find models with integrated spacers or speedrings. For even higher performance you can choose from different types of ceramics which will make all speed-fantasies of yours come true.