Win one of 18 RVCA x Toy Machine decks!

These two are made for each other! After Ed Templeton had to ride back and forth between the two brands for years, the RVCA x Toy Machine collab finally brings all parties together. We celebrate this long overdue cooperation with a huge deck raffle! It is hard to believe that this collaboration took so many [...]


Wear Test: Vans UltraRange Pro

The brand-new Vans UltraRange Pro arouses some expectations due to its name. I skated the low-top all-rounder for 20 hours to test if this skate shoe can really keep up with its marketing and if it offers the promised range of features. First impression: Right after unboxing I noticed that this shoe nearly weight nothing. [...]


Skate Test – Wayward Cannon Shapeshifter wheels

Wayward is a relatively new brand whose main focus is on skateboard wheels next to pretty nice streetwear. To test whether the urethane of the “new kid on the block” is worth something, I took a closer look at the Wayward Cannon Shapeshifter wheels during a skate test. Wayward Wheels has been founded in 2014 [...]