Wear Test: Lakai Staple – Oldie but Goodie?

Releasing re-issues of old skate shoes is something that’s been going on for a few years now. However, unlike other brands, which are using basketball or tennis shoes as the basis of new designs, Lakai brings back a classic skate shoe from 2001: the Lakai Staple. But will this new version of the Lakai Staples [...]


Clips Of The Week – #30

Are you searching for the best video and clip releases of the week? We have good news for you: Your search has come to an end! In this section, you find the best clips and parts of the 30. week of 2016. So peel your eyes and enjoy! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday [...]


Better safe than sorry – The new SK8DLX caps and sunglasses collection

Cap & sunglasses – a dream team in summer and for some even vital accessories, without which one couldn’t leave the house. To keep things interesting above the neck, the current SK8DLX accessories collection provides you with a lot of hot stuff to choose from! The new caps and sunglasses for every occasion are now [...]