Skateboard Trucks

Skateboard Trucks

The flow that defines skateboarding is transferred through your body, boards and trucks to pliantly unite with concrete. We are presenting you a wide range of trucks to choose from in all kinds of colors and sizes. Venture Trucks' 'Hollow Lights' or the magnesium models from Tensor are true featherweights. Besides Thunder, Independent, Polster, Silver, Destructo, Krux, Gullwing and Paris, they are the big names in the business. Being constructed seamlessly, you should take some things into consideration when you are about to choose the perfect counterpart for your deck.


First of all, it is important that the wide part of your truck, the hanger, which is connected to the base plate of your truck with a metal pin (kingpin) does not noticeably exceed the width of your board. As an orientation following metrics could be a small help. (The measurement of the trucks are meant to describe the span of your truck in between the wheels.)

5.0″ trucks are for a deck-width of 7,375″ – 7,75″
5.25″ trucks are for a deck-width of 7,75″ - 8,25″
5.39″ and up trucks are for a deck-width of 8″ and more

You can influence your steer by tightening or loosening your kingpin or by mounting soft, medium or hard bushings.


The height of your trucks should be influenced by the size of your wheels. Low-trucks are good for wheels with a maximum diameter of 52 mm. Wheels with a diameter of 52mm-56 mm are best mounted onto mid-trucks. High-trucks are for most of the bigger wheels.

If you still feel unsure or you want to find out more about skateboard trucks you should check our skateboard wiki over at the blog section. Roll on!