Loaded Tan Tien V3 39" (99cm) Longboard completo

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Flex 1
Flex 3
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The Loaded Tan Tien V3 Complete Longboard is the third version of the legendary Tan Tien with a redesigned wood bottom veneer and a fresh grip design that is a little bit rougher at the kicks than at the rest of the deck. Moreover, the Tan Tien is perfect for those of you who prefer carve- or trick-oriented riding. You get a flexible and tough bamboo deck, drop-through truck mounts that provide a lower stand for easier pushing and braking, a snappy flex plus kicks that enable you to pop some shove its or no complys. Furthermore, you get a pleasant mellow concave that makes it more agile in turns and a proper camber for even more responsivity while you’re carving. All in all, you get a super responsive board that allows for increased confidence when leaning into turns, popping tricks and powering through slides with ease. The premounted setup with Paris trucks and Orangatang wheels perfectly completes the package. 

There are three different flex patterns. Please choose accordingly to your weight:
- Flex 1: 75 - 122+ kg
- Flex 2: 59 - 95+ kg
- Flex 3: 36 - 77+ kg

deck features:
- length: 99 cm
- width: 22 cm
- wheelbase: 68,5 cm
- construction: bamboo, fiberglass, camber
- concave: low
- mounting: drop-through

- Paris V2 trucks
- Orangatang Stimulus 70mm 80A wheels
- Loaded Jehu bearings, spacers included
- Bolzen 1" Phillips