Clips Of The Week – #43

Are you searching for the best video and clip releases of the week? We have good news for you: Your search has come to an end! In this section, you find the best clips and parts of the 43. week of 2016. So peel your eyes and enjoy! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday [...]


The new look of Magenta Skateboards!

Since a lot of French skate brands joined our shop this year, it is time to pay a bit more attention to veterans like Magenta. This fall, Soy Panday, Vivien and Jean Feil are back with a dope new collection for the season. So, get ready for some brand-new pieces, which are now available at [...]


The new Almost X Hanna-Barbera deck series – Back to childhood!

Who cares about the sunrise, when the telly is on? Long before your parents thought of getting up or you about skateboarding, Tom & Jerry were chasing each other on TV. Almost brings back those memories with the new Hanna-Barbera deck series. Hanna Barbera, whom’s she riding for? Never heard of her! Maybe cause it’s [...]