November 2015

Have you asked yourself how the Supra Ellington Vulc acts as a skateshoe and if it’s really holding what Ellington and his teammates are promising you? Our skatedeluxe product tester laced it up and took it to the street lab.

Supra Ellington Vulc product test

The Supra Ellington Vulc

Supra is one of the younger companies in the business. Since 2006 they were always adding something new to the game and gave the skate community some topics to discuss. New and unusual shoes like the ‘Skytop’ or collaborations with rapper Lil ‘Wayne are two examples for that. A legendary team stands behind the progressive designs which are well accepted by the fashion- and sneaker-community. With names like Boo Johnson, Lucien Clarke, Dee Ostrander and living legends like Tom Penny, Jim Greco, Chad Muska, Stevie Williams and Erik Ellington, Supra is one of the most influential brands in skateboarding. Let’s have a closer look at the Supra Ellington Vulc!

“The design of the Vulc is based on Ellington‘s idea to combine the existing shoe with the sole of the Cuba…”

The Ellington Vulc is a mid-top model. Except for the vulcanized sole the shoe is identical to the cupsole-version. The design of the Vulc is based on Ellington‘s idea to combine the existing shoe with the sole of the Cuba. The adapted sole brings some advantages to the vulc-shoe: a lot of grip and great boardfeel. Apart from that the mid-top shoe is soft and comfortable to skate straight away. The toe-area feels wider. If you like your shoes sitting tightly you should get it half a size smaller. When it comes to damping, the Vulc version of the Ellington does a good job. Talking boardfeel and grip, the mid-top is comparable to low-cut shoes. I’d like to point out the great breathability due to the big perforated lateral surfaces.

Supra Ellington Vulc product test #2

“Also the outsole in the front area performs pretty good.”

Let’s talk about durability. The high-quality suede on the exteriors and the sole make the shoe last longer. The sole features a low profile but the grip will last even when the shoe is worn out. The outsole is performing pretty good as well. The shoe looses shape after being used for longer and begins to feel a little baggy. The stitches under the laces gets a lot of abrasion and started loosening after a few sessions. But the laces stayed intact. To sum it up, the Ellington Vulc gives you an outstanding durability when you turn a blind eye to the shape stability.

Supra Ellington Vulc product test sole

“…an interesting mixture of his cupsole model with a softer vulcanized sole.”

With the vulcanized version of his Pro-Model Erik Ellington created an interesting mixture of the mid-top silhouette of his cupsole models and a softer vulcanized shoe. It‘s a good shoe for everyone who likes to skate mid-top shoes and doesn‘t want to lose comfort and boardfeel.


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