March 2023

ACE trucks are extremely easy to steer but relatively heavy skateboard trucks. The ACE AF1 Hollow trucks are supposed to change that thanks to hollow kingpins & axles. We have tested the lighter AF1 trucks for you.

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AF1 – ACE skateboard trucks 2.0

A lot has changed since I reviewed the ACE Classic 44s. ACE AF1 trucks provide improved material in the hanger, baseplate, and axle. Visually, this is noticeable in the new “polished” look. The shape of the bushings and washers has been revised so that the trucks rebound even faster during turns.

The axle nuts on the AF1 trucks are re-threading. They ensure that the nuts can be easily screwed onto the thread even after heavy wear. In case of emergencies, each AF1 truck comes with an extra re-threading nut.

Finally fitting ACE trucks for 8.25″ and 8.5″ decks

Until now, if you wanted to ride ACE Classic trucks with 8.25″ or 8.5″ boards, you had to make a small compromise. There were no ACE trucks available in these widths exactly. The ACE AF1 trucks change that.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

AF1 44 trucks are 8.25″ wide (axle width) and fit perfectly to that board width. For 8.5″ wide decks, AF1 55 trucks are ideal. The new ACEs are available in widths from 7.5″ to 9.5″.

Standard, Low and Hollow: these types of ACE AF1 trucks are available

As with the Classics, AF1 Standard and Hollow trucks are “mid trucks” with 53mm in height. If you prefer lower trucks, ACE offers you an alternative with the AF1 Lows. These are only 49mm high and therefore practical if you do fast, technical tricks.

ACE AF1 Low trucks have a hollow kingpin and are therefore slightly lighter than regular AF1s. The Hollows are even lighter thanks to the hollow kingpin and axle. Thus, the lightweight version of ACE is lighter than comparable trucks of Independent but still heavier than similar models of Venture, Thunder or Royal.

ACE AF1 Hollow trucks skate test

For my review, I skated the AF1 Hollows for about 1.5 months. I skated a lot of ledges, both in parks and on street spots. In addition, I had some slappy sessions, as well as a few excursions in transitions and bowls.

Before the AF1 Hollows, I skated the standard AF1 trucks. Since I was almost grinding on the axle, I hardly noticed the weight difference to the new Hollows. However, for skaters who value lightweight trucks a few grams can make the difference.

How the ACE AF1 trucks turn

ACE trucks are known for their responsive turns. Some skaters would describe them as very loose, whereas for others they are just “surfy”. I have come to love ACE Trucks for that reason exactly. The turn of the AF1 trucks is very reactive, perhaps even more noticeable than on the Classics. The trucks “dive in” quickly and bounce back to starting position just as fast. Best of all, in my experience, you don’t have to “break in” ACE AF1 trucks – the bushings behave as you expect them to right from the start.

These features give the AF1s a very unique feel that may take some getting used to. But you’ll be rewarded for that especially during tight turns at narrow spots, during fast maneuvers in transition, or with slappy grinds. I would describe ACE Trucks as a mix of Independent Mids and Thunder Trucks.

The downside: the steering ease comes at the expense of stability on hard landings. From experience, I can say that AF1 trucks easily produce wheelbites if you don’t land your tricks with accuracy. Since I have fairly long legs, I solved the problem with 1/8″ riser pads. This makes the trucks 56mm high (comparable to standard Indys). Therefore, with 54mm wheels, I had fewer wheelbites.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

Another solution is the “94A Hard” replacement bushings from ACE. In general, I would recommend using ACE substitutes when changing bushings. This will ensure that you maintain the steering performance of your AF1s.

How ACE AF1 trucks grind & slide

You can recognize ACE trucks by their characteristic round hanger. Because of this, you do not have to “grind them in”, as I see it. The trucks provide a lot of surface and material which easily grinds on chunky street ledges and curbs.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

I can especially recommend ACE AF1 trucks for slappies. Due to their geometry and hanger surface, you can lock into higher curbs quickly and easily. I wouldn’t want to ride any other truck during slappy sessions.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

For me, the design of the baseplate of AF1 trucks is also important. Compared to Thunder or Venture trucks, I had fewer hang-ups with ACE AF1s while doing nose- and tailslides caused by my wheels. This is because the distance from the axle to the end of the baseplate is longer. Therefore, you can ride bigger wheels on ACE trucks and don’t have to wax the sides of ledges excessively for noseslides.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

Durable “AF” – Durability of ACE AF1 trucks

When it comes to the durability of trucks, the motto “a lot helps a lot” often applies. With AF1 trucks you get plenty of material and space to grind on. Regarding the kingpin clearance, a little bit more space would be possible. All in all, I am very satisfied with the durability of AF1 trucks. Even if you’re frequently skating street curbs, the wear will be manageable.

ACE AF1 Hollow Trucks Review

Nerd knowledge: ACE AF1 trucks & wheelbase

The choice of the truck can influence the wheelbase of your setup. The vital factors are the angle of the hanger and the holes in the baseplate. With Independent and Royal Trucks, the baseplate holes are placed quite close from the inside. With Thunder, the opposite is the case. ACE trucks are relatively similar to Indys in that regard, including the angle of the hanger – but in fact ACE trucks create a slightly smaller wheelbase.

ACE, Independent, Thunder Trucks Wheelbase

No wonder, since ACE trucks are based on the Independent Stage 3 design.In summary, with ACE trucks you get a slightly smaller wheelbase than with Indys, and an even smaller one than with Thunders. In other words, when “popping off” with Thunders, the board sets up very steep, with Indys less steep, and with ACE Trucks even a little bit less (truck height is not considered here). This could be noticeable during technical combos.

ACE, Independent, Thunder Trucks Wheelbase


The ACE AF1 trucks are very responsive, easy to turn, and durable trucks that you don’t have to break in. With the AF1 Hollows, you save a few grams on your setup.

Although they wouldn’t exactly be considered “plaza trucks” in terms of design and features, you often see ACE AF1 trucks at street spots. This is probably due to their versatility. ACE trucks also shine in transition and bowl skating due to their steering characteristics. For this reason, I can recommend ACE AF1 Trucks in all variations.

Price-wise, the trucks are no bargain. On the other hand, you’ll ride those for a long time and get a few extras like re-threading axle nuts. Only for very technical skating or spots with heavy impacts, I would rather recommend other trucks.


  • Fast & responsive turn
  • Ideal steering & grind from the start
  • Durability
  • Extras like re-threading nuts


  • Wheelbites occur easily
  • Price

Are ACE AF1 trucks for you?

  • If you like the easy turning of Thunder Trucks but have problems with nose- / tailslides, ACE AF1s could be an alternative.
  • If you ride Independent Trucks but sometimes want faster turns, you should give ACE AF1 trucks a chance.
  • If your sessions consist of 50% slappies, then you have found your ideal trucks with ACE AF1s.
  • If you are a “flip in flip out combo” type of skater, ACE AF1 Lows might be a solution for you.


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