June 2016

News from the UK: PALACE SKATEBOARDS dropped a ton of new deck series! As always, the new selection includes some very colorful deck designs. Heck yeah!

These days it feels like everyone links PALACE SKATEBOARDS only with their giant streetwear success story, but first and foremost the London-based brand is a skateboard brand. And to point out this connection, the boys of PALACE push their skateboard deck collections to the maximum.

This means a lot of colours! The new collections are weird, mesmerising and playful – all you need and want from PALACE! If you prefer something cleaner, look out for the team rider deck series. The Palace Wayward Boys Choir with Lucien Clarke, Olly Todd and Benny Fairfax turned in some really nice designs. Sounds epic, eh?


"Sometimes skateboarding involves not skating." - Sam Batterson