Obstacle Guide

The manual pad, often referred to as a wheelie pad, can be used much like a curb. However, manual pads are often too shallow to be able to slide or grind properly. That’s why they’re more suitable for practicing your wheelie combinations.

Manual Pad

One of the first spots you will come across when skating in Barcelona is “Parallel”. The yellow space is easy to spot with its smooth surface, manual pads, curbs and benches. Even for professional skaters, this is an absolute “must-skate spot”.

Best practice tricks:

If you already have your manuals down, try to do a FS Pop-Shove-It or Heelflip into a manual. In these videos, we’ll show you how to nail those tricks:

Famous Spots:

  • Parallel – Barcelona
  • China Town Manual Pad- New York

Skilled Riders:

  • Joey Brezinski
  • Daewon Song
  • Brandon Biebel