Mini Ramp
Obstacle Guide

The mini ramp is a smaller version of the half-pipe. A mini ramp consists of two quarterpipes facing each other with a flat in between.

Skateboard Obstacle Mini Ramp

There is a round, metal edge, the so-called “coping” at the upper ends. On this obstacle, you can practice all transition tricks and grinds.

The advantage of the mini ramp is that you can do alternating tricks on both sides and you don’t have to worry about pushing between each trick. Also, mini ramp skating is a perfect workout for bowl and pool skating.

Best Practice Tricks:

Two important basic tricks for the mini-ramp are the Rock to Fakie and the Axle Stall. Here, we’ll show you just how these tricks work:

Skilled Riders:

  • Daewon Song
  • Cody McEntire