Quarter Pipe
Obstacle Guide

A quarterpipe is just one half of a mini ramp and is also called a quarter. At the upper end, you’ll find a round, metal edge, the so-called “coping”.

Quarterpipe Skateboarding

A famous quarter pipe is at the Big O’Montreal. The Olympic Games were held there in 1979 and creative architecture was built around the entire stadium. They also created the legendary Big O’Quarter Pipe. As you know, skaters are creative and thus, they’ve been using it as a skate spot ever since.

In a quarter, you can practice all transition and flat tricks.

Best practice tricks:

For all transition tricks, it’s super important that you can Drop-In. Tricks you can learn afterwards are the Axle Stall and the Fakie Disaster. See how these tricks work and learn them yourself:

Famous Spot:

  • Big O, Montreal

Skilled Riders:

  • Daewon Song
  • Chris Haslam