February 2019
New designs, progression & innovation – this is the adidas 3ST line. The adidas 3ST.004 has continued their approach of utilising an open source workshop process. But can the fourth model of the 3ST series still surprise? We tested it for you!
adidas 3ST.004 | Wear Test

adidas 3ST.004 | Technology Meets Design

The adidas 3ST.004 is packed with high-tech features. The shoe was developed in close cooperation with senior footwear designer Scott Johnston and team rider Tyshawn Jones.
Thus, the 3ST.004 features only the best technologies adidas currently has to offer. From the From the midsole featuring the adidas Boost technology to a Geofit tongue, to the nubuck leather upper; The adidas 3ST.004 leaves nothing to be desired.
adidas 3ST.004 | Wear Test

Fit & Boardfeel

The countless tech features of the shoe are noticeable right from the start. Thanks to the boost sole, the 3ST.004 offers incredible comfort.
The Geofit tongue that offers additional padding at important pressure points, as well as the moulded sock-liner, provide substantial stability and support. Thanks to the Geoflex outsole, there is also no lack of boardfeel.
adidas 3ST.004 | Wear Test


The adidas 3ST.004 is perfectly processed all around. I haven’t skated a shoe in recent years that even comes close in terms of durability.
The nubuck upper of the adidas 3ST.004 skate shoes can hardly be damaged by the grip tape. Nonetheless, the shoe offers a lot of boardfeel.
Even after a good 6-week long wear test, the adidas 3ST.004 is still surprisingly intact.
adidas 3ST.004 | Wear Test

adidas 3ST.004 Review | Conclusion

If you are looking for a tech wonder and are eager to choose the adidas 3ST.004, you can’t go wrong. With the adidas 3St.004, you get a comfortable and very durable skate shoe with an extra dose of style.
Of course, all this has its price. With a price of 119.90 EUR / 100.00 GBP, the 3ST.004 is not exactly a bargain. But as the adidas 3ST.004 has proven in the wear test, the latest model in the adidas 3ST line is undoubtedly worth every penny.

Rating: 9/10

adidas 3ST.004 | Wear Test


  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Cushioning


  • High Price
Text: Paul Tiefenbacher Photos: Theo Acworth

2 thoughts on “adidas 3ST.004 wear test | The next tech wonder?

  • Olof

    Hi! Curious about how the sole is in the forefoot. Thin? Any boost or other cushioning? Have some recurring pains there and don’t want to buy in vein. Thanks!

    • Tobias

      Hi Olof,

      thanks for your comment. As far as I am concerned, the Boost sole does not reach all the way to the front. Thus, the sole is a bit thinner at the front. Nevertheless there was still enough cushion there. Additionally, the insole does a good job in terms of impact protection as well.

      If you have generally problems with the impact while skating, you can check out FOOTPRINT INSOLES. They offer an improved impact support that may can help you out: https://www.skatedeluxe.com/footprint-shop

      Hope I could help a bit.


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