September 2016

„By skaters, for skateboarding!“

Say hello to the latest version of the Emerica The HSU Low Vulc shoe and give yourself a treat! The HSU Low ticks all the boxes you need for skateboarding. Skate the new HSU signature model and feel it!

Why should you skate the HSU Low Vulc shoe?

I’m honestly a fan of Emerica skate shoes. The long-lasting fabrics, the high-quality workmanship, the simple silhouettes and the style perfectly fits my wishes for a skateboarding shoe. And the Emerica The HSU Low Vulc is one one them.

I’ll sit on the fence with the explanation for this shoe. The Hsu Low Vulc is a low profile shoe, equipped with a vulcanised outsole with triangle tread pattern for great board feel. Due to the elongated and one-piece toe cap and the double-stitched Ollie area, the shoe lasts long and wear-resistant.

With the HSU Low Vulc, the brand has an ace on their hands: G6™ insole technology. The G6™ is a high-rebound lightweight cushion foam insole, with a stabilising support carriage. This shoe is ready for high-impact skateboarding.

Emerica’s MADE Chapter 2 is ready to go!

Emerica’s proud to showcase the first official teaser and we`re stoked to hear what Jerry Hsu is promising! This one will show breathtaking action with Jerry, Andrew Reynolds, Bryan Herman, Spanky, and Figgy.


“Skateboarding doesn’t make you a skateboarder. Not being able to stop skateboarding makes you a skateboarder.” Lance Mountain