October 2016

Do you want to earn more points at the skatedeluxe Premium Club? Then get your crew into skatedeluxe and earn 400 extra points with each first order by your friends. You heard it! For every new customer who orders something from skatedeluxe, you get points. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

skatedeluxe Premium Club

Refer your friends – How does it work?

Your friends don’t shop at skatedeluxe? Guess what, now it’s time to tell them about us! With the “Refer your friends” program at the skatedeluxe Premium Club, you can not only score valuable points for yourself but also do something good for your friends. To get the full benefit, create a £ 5 or 5 € coupon code in the Premium Club by clicking on the “Friends” section and send it to your buddies. For every new customer who redeems this coupon at the end of his first order, you will be credited with a whopping 400 extra points on your Premium Club account. It doesn’t get any easier!

How do I earn points?

• Membership

skatedeluxe Premium Club 50 Points for Membership

We reward your Premium Club membership with 50 points.

• Placing orders

skatedeluxe Premium Club Points for Placing Orders

For every product of your order you receive the respective number of points as stated on the details page. These points are credited 30 days after shipping. Returns will be deducted from your credit.

• Product Review

skatedeluxe Premium Club 10 Points for Product Reviews

Share your own experiences with our products and support the community.

Newsletter subscription

skatedeluxe Premium Club 50 Points for Newsletter Subscription

Always stay up to date and discover the newest trends for skateboarding, shoes, streetwear and snowboarding. You have already subscribed to our newsletter.

What do I do with points at the Premium Club?

You can easily convert your collected points into attractive rewards. In addition to skatedeluxe vouchers and SK8DLX hardware, we also offer you limited and signed decks by skate pros as well as the Pocket Mag Vol.2 book or the Carhartt WIP Foldable Picnic Set.

But how do you get such a points balance? Here are a few examples:

SK8DLX Goldie Series 8 Reward deck

SK8DLX Goldie Series 8″ Reward deck (1600 points)

Refer 4 friends (4 x 400 points)

= 1600 points

skatedeluxe Premium Club Voucher

skatedeluxe Premium Club Voucher (1000 points)

Refer 2 friends (2 x 400 points)
+ subscribe to our newsletter (50 points)
+ order of 150 € / £ 150 (150 points)

= 1000 points

SK8DLX 411 6 Panel Unstructured Cap

SK8DLX 411 6 Panel Unstructured Cap (700 points)

Join the Premium Club (50 points)
+ refer 1 friend (400 points)
+ subscribe to our newsletter (50 points)
+ review 10 products (10 x 10 points)
+ order of 150 € / £ 150 (150 points)

= 750 points

You see, with a few product reviews and the new “Refer your friends” program you can easily earn points. So what are you waiting for, get your crew into skatedeluxe and receive exclusive rewards at the skatedeluxe Premium Club!


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