Curb & Ledge
Obstacle Guide

A curb, or ledge, is an elongated block with edges to do slides or grind tricks on.

Obstacle Curb

The curb is a standard obstacle in the skate park because it is versatile. The edges can be used for slides and grind tricks, and the upper surface (the table) can be used for tricks like manuals. Ledges that are located on staircases like railings are also called “hubbas”.

The West Los Angeles Courthouse is one of the most famous ledge spots in the skate scene. Skated since the late 1980s, the Courthouse has a variety of curbs and other obstacles. In 2010, Nike SB sponsored the Courthouse, updated most curbs and made it legal to skate there.

Best practice tricks:

One of the most important basic tricks on a ledge is the 50-50. If you’ve got that down, try a 5-0 Grind or a BS Boardslide. These videos will show you how these tricks work:

Famous Spots:

  • MACBA – Barcelona
  • Bänke – Berlin
  • Courthouse – Los Angeles
  • Radio Korea – Los Angeles

Skilled Riders:

  • Felipe Gustavo
  • PJ Ladd
  • Cody Cepeda
  • Shane O´Neill