November 2019

The Easy Streets from Bones Wheels are a new range of wheels that are supposed to roll smoother and faster on various terrain without sacrificing grip or slide-ability. We tested the new wheels for you.

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The main difference between the Bones STF (Street Tech Formula) 103A and the new Easy Streets wheels is the urethane hardness. The Easy Streets or STF 99A are made from a softer plastic. This should guarantee more fun on a wide range of terrain, while maintaing the characteristics of the popular STF 103A skateboard wheels – without flat spots! To find out if these wheels live up to their promise, I set my board up with a set of Bones Easy Streets and tested them out.

Bones Easy Streets – Specifications

Bones STF 99A Easy Streets wheels are available in different shapes. The standard V1 shape has the classic skateboard wheel shape while the V5 Sidecut shape has a conical design and a slightly wider contact patch. The Fatties shape provides a fuller profile and a wide contact patch. All Easy Streets wheels have a 99A durometer and no core.


From my point of view, good skateboard wheels have to meet the following criteria: good slide characteristics and control as well as high flat spot resistance and long durability.

The first thing I noticed about the Bones Easy Streets 99A were that they’re quite silent and feel a little softer than similar wheels from other brands. The slide characteristics reflect those observations. I felt that the slides needed some time to get used to it. Especially during powerslides, but I also noticed this on curbs at the beginning of the test. After I familiarized myself with the wheels, it was no problem anymore.

I was amazed by how versatile the wheels are. The performance really is great on many surfaces – from rough asphalt and concrete to slippery hardwood floors which you find in skate halls. The Easy Streets from Bones can handle themselves on nearly any terrain.

Durability & flat spots

The wheels keep their promise about flat spot resistance. Downhills with countless powerslides couldn’t wear the Bones Easy Streets down. Also, the overall durability was comparable to skateboard wheels from other brands – the size and shape of the wheels lasted for several months.


Without any doubt, the Easy Streets or Street Tech Formula 99A wheels from Bones Wheels are high-quality wheels. The versatility and performance on different surfaces in particular, as well as the flat spot resistance from the Bones Easy Streets skateboard wheels, managed to win me over during the test. However, you might have to accept a few cutbacks in slide ability but it really just takes some time getting used to. With the Easy Streets, Bones Wheels did not reinvent the wheel, but they managed to extend their assortment with versatile, high-quality and flat spot resistant wheels.


  • flat spot resistance
  • versatility
  • durability


  • slide characteristics

Rating: 8/10


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