July 2017

Right now the who is who of skateboarding is gathering in Copenhagen for the annual CPH Open 2017. Together with the guys from Flatspot Magazine we’ll keep you updated with what is going on at the event in the far north. Keep your eyes peeled!

Day 1: Fælledparken Open – AM Contest

Results CPH Open AM Contest 2017:

1. Vincent Milou
2. Alex Midler
3. Zion Wright
4. Egor Kaldikov
5. Simon Karlsson

Day 2: Litauens Plads Session, Pop-up Cash for Tricks, Slappies & Wallrides Session

Day 3: Rain, Triangle Session & Cash for Tricks

Day 4: Super Finals, Champ 2017: Ishod Wair

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Just skate for fun, don't pick up a skateboard because you want to be a pro one day. Don't forget why you started skating in the first place. - Steve Caballero