July 2017

Higher, faster, harder! The technical level of modern Street Skateboarding is evolving constantly and the impact on the material and the skater gets bigger and bigger. With the new UltraRange Pro Vans brings you a shoe that supports you during every session.


Your feet are burning and your knees are weak – everybody knows that. The stair sets you skate are getting longer, rails are getting steeper and gaps are getting deeper and thus every try becomes more painful. When it takes this one more try the new Vans UltraRange Pro is there for you! This new pro model is designed to keep you pushing due to a wide range of useful features such as improved cushioning!

Fresh design and new features – The Vans UltraRange Pro!

Cushioning and grip are the fundamental union for Vans when it comes to creating a quality skate shoe. No surprise that a lot of new technologies and clever features found their way into the new Vans UltraRange Pro to improve those two aspects. Together with the traditional Vans waffle outsole, the new and innovative UltraCush™ Lite Foam sole adds up to an efficient unit that supports you with great impact protection and keeps your shoe on the board when it’s needed. Thanks to a cut-out waffle construction the Vans UltraRange Pro is super-light and provides a comfortable fit.

More than 40 years of experience and a renowned pro team provide enough know-how to make the new Vans UltraRange Pro a perfect match for the needs of modern Skateboarding. Against the iconic simplicity Vans are known for, the new model comes fully packed with new technology and a rather modern design without looking too spacy or techy. Another useful feature is the brand-new seamless LuxLiner™ sock-fit construction stabilizes your feet inside the shoe, providing a snug fit and responsive boardfeel.

The breathable suede and tongue provide good air ventilation and due to the improved Duracap™ with reinforcements in the Ollie area the Vans UltraRange Pro convinces with sustainable stability and less wear. Thanks to all those features Vans presents a new shoe model that gives you reliable support while being light and agile at the same time. Plus you get a free pair of exclusive Vans socks with every new pair of Vans UltraRange Pro*: win – win! *As long as stock lasts


You are in need for a shoe with modern and innovative features that you can count on? The new Vans UltraRange Pro is just the right choice! Check out the new Vans models and push your skateboarding to the next level!

UltraCush, Luxliner and DuraCap? Heavy words! But do they keep up their promises? We’ll check that out in a new wear test soon – Stay tuned!

In for innovation? Head over to the new Vans UltraRange pro models!


"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro!" - H.S.T.