March 2016

A few weeks ago Denny Pham escaped the far too long European winter and traveled to Thailand. Since getting a visa isn’t always as easy as expected, he had to do a little side trip to Macau. Check out what was going on in the „Las Vegas of Asia“!

There are lots of reasons to leave Europe for a while. The winter is just one of ’em. New spots, better weather, other people and lots of experiences are some other ones. These were all issues playing a part for Denny when he decided to get rid of the f**king winter. Okay, you could also say: „Winter is indoor and the Nike SB Shelter is just around the corner…“, but there will be a time when all obstacles are skated to death, and when it comes to collecting footage for the next part: Forget about that!

And to be honest: Berlin winters aren’t something you’d probably choose when you could go to Asia, skate there and enjoy life instead.

Skateboarding in Macau

“The spots are as perfect as in China.”

Backtail by Burny

Okay, I have to admit that the little 30 km² Special Administrative Region of China actually wasn’t on my mind until Denny told me he will go there. But the edit of his Macau Visa Run and the photos by Burny aka Florian Hopfensperger proof that Macau is worth a visit.

Gambling in Macau

Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999, what explains the special vibe there. It’s a place where you’ll see cultures collide. Chinese culture and design meet South-European architecture and habits as well as lots of leftovers from the late colonial period. But these are just some things that characterize Macau.

It is way better known for the gambling industry, which is why Macau is also called the „Las Vegas of Asia“. No deeper thoughts on the fact that Macau already outran Las Vegas with a yearly turnover that is four to five times higher…

“You can easily push around Macau in one day.”

Pushing by Burny

Besides gambling, party and fun there’s a lot more Macau has to offer. When talking about skateboarding, the spots are as perfect as they are in China – Lots of beautiful plazas, marble ledges, and no rough Euro-style surfaces. It’s actually better than in your dreams!

Due to the mix of different architecture tendencies, it’s getting even more special. Along with it, Macau is that small and locally compact that you can easily push from one spot to the next one. This is why Denny and the crew with photographer Burny, videographer Janchai as well as the Indonesian Absar Lebeh didn’t need to go on those annoying car rides from spot to spot.

“Awesome plazas, lots of marble and something like a mix of Europe and China.”

Nollie Heel by Burny

Why Macau? – The Visa Run

If you ask yourself why Denny actually had to go to Macau, the story is pretty short and simple. As a European you’ll only get a three-week visa in Thailand. If you want to stay longer, you need to leave the country for a short time and enter it again to get another visa for three-weeks. Let’s hear it for bureaucracy!

Since there are good air routes and you don’t need an extra visa for Macau, the small peninsula west of Hong Kong is perfect for doing a visa run. And if you’re already there you need to check out the spots as well and of course, skate them.

“Macau is fun, has plenty to offer and is worth a visit for sure.”

Treflip by Burny

Now click through Burny’s photos, enjoy the clip and see what Macau has to offer. And if you’re not able to get enough, make sure to check some more shots of Denny Pham’s trip to Macau on Instagram #MacauVisaRun!

After this output, we’re more than excited to see what Denny also did during his winter stay in Asia. And now to the person that controls the weather: Please give us spring, summer and the sun! And please stop this greyish, dull wintertime!

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