February 2022

Finally, Ishod Wair gets his first, long overdue pro shoe. The 2013 Thrasher SOTY has provided more than enough reasons for this in the last decade. Here you get all the facts and assessments of the Nike SB Ishod skate shoe.

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Nike SB Ishod Test Review

Like Ishod’s way of skating, the Nike SB Ishod is exceptional in every way. Equipped with numerous technical features, the shoe combines old and new. The first colorway of the shoe is reminiscent of the Jordan 9 Retro “Olive” and gives the Nike SB Ishod a lot of vintage basketball vibes. We have tested for you whether the shoe can also convince on the board.

Nike SB Ishod: Basketball meets skateboarding

Ishod was fully involved in the development process of his signature shoe from start to finish. Anyone who follows him on social media knows that he is an avid basketball player – which is how the various basketball references on the shoe came about. But it’s not just in this respect that the Nike SB Ishod combines the best of both worlds.

Nike SB Ishod Test Review

Ishod used to wear different shoes depending on the terrain he was skating. For transition skating, he tended to use vulcanized shoes for a better board feel, while for street skating, cupsole shoes were his first choice for more cushioning during impacts. The goal of the Nike SB Ishod skate shoe is to combine the advantages of both types of soles.

Technologies & features of the Nike SB Ishod

Ishod Wairs pro shoe comes with a completely new sole construction from Nike SB. Basically, it is a vulcanized sole with cup sole core. This shall keep boardfeel, flick and cushioning at the highest level. Cushioning properties are also ensured by the Drop-In React insole. This technology has already proven its worth in the Nike SB Bruin React.

Nike SB Ishod Test Review

Another special feature is the exposed mesh section in the middle of the shoe, which provides breathability. The unique lace guide and stabilizing tongue straps guarantee an optimal fit of the shoe.

Nike SB Ishod Test Review

Fit & board feel in the Nike SB Ishod

Vulc / cupsole experiments have been conducted by various manufacturers & skate shoes in recent years. Often, however, these could not really convince. With the Nike SB Ishod, I had the feeling that the installed technology is somewhat more mature.

Nike SB Ishod Test Review

I had the usual board feel of a vulcanized shoe right from the beginning, while the stability, which I expect from a cupsole shoe, maintained for a longer time. Thanks to the straps in the midfoot area, I had a firm fit throughout the test. React technology also provides excellent comfort in the Nike SB Ishod. Combined with the outsole’s Herringbone tread pattern, which was designed specifically for skateboarding, the shoe offers a superior board feel.

Nike SB Ishod Test Review

In terms of fit, the Nike SB Ishod is quite tight to the beginning, but will loosen up a bit over time. So if you prefer a snug fit, stick with your normal size and if you like it a little looser, go a half size up.

Experiment or well thought-through material – durability of the Ishod by Nike SB

When it comes to mesh material on skate shoes, many are skeptical at first. High wear and mesh rarely go hand in hand. However, there have been models in the past that have worked very well with mesh. The Nike SB Ishod is one of them. The rubber mesh panels not only deliver 90s vintage basketball vibes, but also ensure enhanced breathability and stand up to any wear and tear.

Rubber panels incorporated under the suede, along with raised foxing tape and double stitching, give the shoe extra durability. The Herringbone outsole is durable, as you would expect from Nike SB, and helps keep the shoe in good shape for extended periods of intensive skating.

In terms of durability, the Nike SB Ishod has been improved further and the shoe shows only minor signs of wear even after several sessions.


Having a signature model on Nike SB is reserved for only a handful of pros. Accordingly, these shoes are always special and embody innovation in different ways – and so does the Nike SB Ishod. Admittedly, Ishod Wair’s pro shoe is not exactly low in cost. Considering the technologies used and the outstanding performance of the shoe, I think the price is well justified. In addition, the model impresses with its extravagant design. No matter how and where you skate – the Nike SB Ishod could become your new favorite skate shoe.


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