March 2017

Slowly but finally, spring is knocking at the door! About time, to check your setup and get ready for the first sessions in the sunshine with a new deck. Of course, we thought of this and sent three deck series at once through the wood shop, so you can confidently turn your back on the winter and roll into the new season with a fresh piece of wood.

SK8DLX Jungle Law series – Escape the cold!

Eat or get eaten. The jungle law is no bed of roses at all. Luckily, you don’t have to get a machete and battle your way through the jungle to get the new SK8DLX Jungle Law Decks, but rather take a look at our shop.

The series is perfectly suitable for getting rid of your winter blues. The boards with widths from 7.75” to 8.125” are decorated with colourful birds that will twitter the sound of the jungle into your ears during your first sessions. Admittedly, those decks won’t grant tropical temperatures, but they will definitely spread some summery vibes. Perfect for the transition to the warm season!

Let’s get sporty – The SK8DLX Athletic Series

Did winter make you a true couch potato? Lack of exercise has got a tight grip on you? Here comes your motivational boost! With the SK8DLX Athletic decks, you can make use of the good weather and accrue to athletic peak performances. The boards come in all widths from 7.5” to 8.5”. Excuses and elusions, that your width is not available won’t count! Clear statement: Get out of your crib and on your board! Eventually, sport is the best medicine as the old greeks already said it.

From the sketch book to the streets: the SK8DLX x Boggie Gramb series

Attention, friends of urban art! A highlight this upcoming spring are the SK8DLX x Boggie Gramb decks. Boggie Gramb? – That’s what the artist Johannes Brückner calls himself when he goes into creativity mode. He combines skateboarding and graffiti in his work unlike any other. Further, his designs and illustrations have a remarkable recognition value and show unmatched love for details.

You don’t have to be an art lover to realise this, simply take a look at the collab and convince yourself. The decks come in widths of 7.75”, 8.0”, 8.25” and 8.5” and you can get them in our shop right now! But don’t panic, you won’t unleash what’s inside Pandora’s box, like the dude in the graphics.

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