October 2015

There are lots of stories in the world. Good ones and bad ones. Against the latter, you can do something. Against the latter, you should do something – and when doing so, its best to start by yourself.

The vegan shop at skatedeluxe

One big topic, which is discussed since the beginning of skateboarding and in connection with personal engagement, is food. Eating and skating? It actually is closely related to each other. Food gives you strength, makes you beautiful and is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But sometimes you want more than just nice eating. You want good food without drugs, chemicals, pain and anguish. Nobody should die for me – not for my life, not for my eating and not for my clothes. Welcome to your vegan world.

Vegan means that you live without animal products like meat, cheese, milk and eggs. Some people, for example skateboarders like Ed Templeton or Mike V and Geoff Rowley in former times (just to drop some names) do more than that and also care about their clothes and shoes. When you feel the same way or if you want to be part of this worldwide vegan movement, we’ve got some good news for you: In our skatedeluxe shop we have lots of vegan street wear like jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip-hoodies, belts, wallets, caps and beanies without leather patches, leather applications and other animal materials. Sounds simple. Is simple.

The same applies for our shoes and sneakers, where you can find lots of vegan shoes and vegan sneakers. Instead of the usual leather, there are also skate shoes that are made from artificial leather, other synthetic materials or the classic canvas. However, the challenge lies in the detail. While you can easily notice that it might be a non-vegan leather shoe, it’s more complicated when it comes to the glue. Each shoe needs glue to hold together. Only problem: In many cases, it contains animal ingredients such as casein (milk proteins) or even bones. So it’s actually not a vegan skate shoe anymore.

If you want to buy stuff without animal products just head over to our vegan shop at skatedeluxe.

Let‘s go vegan. Let’s go friendly.



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