June 2021

Venture trucks have been a household name on the skateboard truck market for quite a while. Team riders like Kader Sylla, Mike Anderson or Bobby Worrest swear by Venture trucks. We have examined the Venture Trucks 6.1″ for you more closely.

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Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test

Venture 6.1″ trucks – giving the people what thy want

After Venture trucks haven’t been an alternative wider boards for a long time, DLXSF took the wish for a Venture trucks with a wide axle to their heart. The Venture 6.1″ is suitable for 8.6″ decks and wider.

Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test

Classic Venture design that convinces

Design-wise, Venture 6.1″ trucks hardly differ from all other Venture trucks – except for the width, of course. The classic V-shape of the hanger has been retained and the baseplate is identical to those of other Venture trucks.

Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test

Technical data – the Venture 6.1″ in detail

The Venture 6.1″ truck has an 8.75″ (221 mm) wide axle, making it a great fit for boards between 8.625″ and 8.75″. With a height of 53.5 mm, it is similar to the other classic Venture High trucks and is also suitable for wheels with larger diameter.

Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test

In terms of weight, the trucks naturally differed a bit from the narrower Venture Highs due to the additional material. However, with an individual weight of 383 grams, the Venture High 6.1″ is just 5 grams heavier than the next smaller Venture High 5.8″. Mounting the hardware to the deck is a bit tricky with some skate tools due to the geometry and the extended wheelbase of Venture trucks, but is not a real problem.

Steering, Grinds & Slides: Venture 6.1″ Performance

Venture trucks are not necessarily known for their exceptional steering response. There are certainly skateboard trucks that are more responsive and make tighter, more direct turns. However, once you get used to the characteristics of the Venture High 6.1″, you have without a doubt found a good alternative for wider decks. Especially in the points “Pinch” and “Kingpin-Clearance” the Venture High stands out from some of the competition.

Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test

Durability of the Venture 6.1″ truck

The Venture High 6.1″ are neatly finished and withstand stone, concrete and metal without problems – a pleasant grind on all materials. The bushings and pivot cups of the Venture truck could also convince in the test – no cracks, no material fatigue, the same applies to hanger and baseplate.

Venture Trucks 6.1″ Test


Most skaters are loyal to a truck brand for a long time, sometimes for a lifetime. With the Venture High 6.1″, Venture fans can now enjoy the familiar feeling on wider boards – but so can anyone who has not yet had the pleasure due to their preference for wide decks.


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