March 2021

The Vans Skate Classics replace the classic Vans Pro skate shoes: improved performance, comfort and durability are the focus of the Skate Classics. We have tested the Vans Skate Classics Authentic for you to see if the improved Vans Skate Classics models can deliver what they promise.

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Vans Skate Classics Authentic | Wear Test

Vans Skate Classics made to skate – Built tough on the inside

Vans Skate Classics Authentic | Wear Test

To improve the proven Vans Pro Classics models, such as Authentic, Era, Old Skool, Sk8- Hi or Slip-On, a lot of thoughts went into the project in Costa Mesa. Together with the design & skate team they tried to design shoes that have the familiar look of Vans Classics, but ensure the durability and performance of modern skate shoes.

Vans Skate Classics Authentic | Wear Test

In addition to new design accents, a lot has changed technically – the Waffle Sole 2.0, a new DURACAP, the higher, double foxing tape and the new tongue straps make a noticeable difference, so far so good.

Fit & Board Feel in the Vans Skate Authentic

The advantages of the Vans Skate Classics care immediately noticeable after just a few minutes on the board. Thanks to the newly designed tongue straps, the shoes are perfectly tight. The PopCush insole adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot. Nevertheless, the Vans Skate Classics are true to size.

Vans Skate Classics Authentic | Wear Test

The revised Wafflesole 2.0 with SickStick rubber compound gives the Vans Skate Classics models plenty of grip & board feel. In addition, the newly shaped heel cap provides a better fit as well as more stability while skating. All technical features and updates of the Skate Classics are well thought out and implemented in the best possible way.

Even if the silhouettes have remained largely the same – inside the shoes, a lot of things have changed. The improvements made are not only noticeable in terms of fit and board feel – a particular concern was also to make the shoes more durable and long-lasting.

Skate Classics: an extra dose of durability

Some Vans models carry the stigma of not being the most durable skate shoes. The Skate Classic re-designs could quickly change that. From the moment I picked them up, the new Skate Classic models made a more solid, high-quality impression than the Pro Classics. I couldn’t find any weak points, even after quite a few flips and long hours of skating. Thanks to the good workmanship, the shoes can cope with all the stresses and strains of modern skateboarding without any problems.

Vans Skate Classics Authentic | Wear Test

Thanks to the good workmanship, the shoes can cope with all the stresses and strains of modern skateboarding without any problems. The double foxing tape of the vulcanized sole and the new DURACAP reinforcements, as well as the Wafflesole 2.0, make the shoes much more resistant than the Vans Pro Classics were before.

An optimal mix of breathability and durability is created by a blend of canvas and suede. While canvas is used in the midfoot and heel area, which have less wear points, suede is used in the front are where the wear and tear is higher.


The re-design of the Vans Skate Classics was worth all the effort – both the design accents and the technical upgrades to the shoes have paid off. The performance and durability of the well-known Vans silhouettes have been taken to the next level with the new DURACAP, Wafflesole 2.0, new tongue straps and two-piece foxing tape. Because of the innovations and improvements, the Vans Skate Classics shoes cope much better with the high demands of modern skateboarding without increasing the sales price of the shoes.


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In the future, the new Vans Skate Authentic, Skate Old Skool, Skate SK8-Hi, Skate Slip-On and Skate Era shoes will continue to get new colorways and updates. If you were a fan of the old Pro Classics, you should definitely try the Skate Classics. And if you weren’t a fan of Vans skate shoes before, you should give them a try now.

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      the construction and features of the Vans Skate Old Skool are similar to those of the Skate Authentic.
      You can expect equal performance from both shoes ;)

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