Obstacle Guide

A bank is a slanted wall that you can skate up and do tricks on.

Skateboard Obstacle Bank

Usually, banks are used to do flatground tricks like Kickflips and other flip tricks. Banks with an edge (curb or ledge) or an attached rail can also be used for drop-ins, grinds, slides or stalls.

One of the most iconic bank spots is the Brooklyn Banks in New York City. It was an integral part of the skate scene in the city since the ‘80s and helped shape it tremendously. Keith Hufnagel, Jason Dill, Chad Muska, and many more legends had countless sessions on this spot. In 2009, this spot was shut down. From time to time, however, you can still find current footage of the spot.

Best practice tricks:

The best trick to practice on a bank is an Ollie. Even if you’re already comfortable with the Ollie on flat ground, you’ll need to adjust your technique because of the bank’s tilt. Once you’ve mastered an Ollie on a bank, try a Pop-Shove-It or Kickflip next. With the help of these videos, you can learn how the tricks work:

Famous Spots:

  • Brooklyn Banks – New York
  • China Banks – San Francisco
  • Train Bank Spot – Malmö

Skilled Riders:

  • Pontus Alv
  • Dick Rizzo
  • Alex Olson