December 2016

Staying in Central Europe during December? Mate – Hell no! skatedeluxe team rider Denny Pham is currently spending his time in Los Angeles to shoot for an upcoming interview and of course to collect some footy! Get some insights on Denny’s trip into the metropolis of skateboarding with this virtual postcard.

Denny Pham | BS 180 | Florian Hopfensperger

Denny Pham | BS 180 | Florian Hopfensperger

Okay, to be honest, it’s not the first time Denny chose to better leave Europe when it starts to get dankish and uncomfy. While he went to the Far East last winter he decided to go to Los Angeles in the “Golden State” of California this year. Skate buddy Maxi Schaible, videographer Dennis Ludwig and probably the happiest ginger on earth Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger are with him.

To break it down: Los Angeles is 100% skateboarding. The skateboarding revolution emerged from this city in the 1970s when Legends like Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta destroyed empty backyard pools. With lots of the most popular and core skate brands starting their business here and a bucket full of famous spots like the Venice Beach Skatepark, the 12 and 16 step stairs at Hollywood High School, the Jkwon Plaza, the Fairfax High School Hubba or the Sunset Carwash Banks, LA truly is the metropolis of skateboarding.

Denny Pham | Ollie | Florian Hopfensperger

Denny Pham | Ollie | Florian Hopfensperger

“Sorry – We’re from Europe and didn’t know that this is trespassing…”

Last night, I got a virtual postcard of the crew again. The short chatting with Denny & Burny pretty much sums up what they’re doing right now.

“We’re skating all day long, but of course we’re stuck in the van for like 50% of the time.”

For sure, in an US City like LA with something around four million residents the spots are far apart from each other. Fortunately, the guys only had a few busts or problems with cops. And if so, the good old excuse was of good help: “Sorry – We’re from Europe and didn’t know that this is trespassing…”.

“Of course the weather in Cali is always top notch. The sky shines blue and the wonderful purple and orange sunsets make the best end of a productive day full of skateboarding. And with temperatures around 20°C it’s a good life here.”

Denny Pham 2016 Los Angeles by Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger

“While you’re reading these lines we’re probably sitting in the car to get to the next spot ’cause our motivation is priceless. In’n’Out Burger and nice mexican food gives us lots of energy – of course not every day; there has to be at least one Ceasar Salad a week. ;)”

Denny Pham - LA In'N'Out Los Angeles by Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger

Just click through the pics for some side shots from LA and get into the California Dreamin’ mode like me. Central Europa in winter? Nothing doing…


You’ll find more notes on Denny’s trip here in the next few days. While you’re waiting, make sure to watch the fresh edit of the skatedeluxe Into The Valley Trip and go check out the Instagram profiles of Denny Pham and Burny.


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Because it’s Christmas time, you had the chance to win 1 Denny Pham package including SK8DLX gear, Nike SB shoes and a Flip deck. Therefore, all you had to do was answering the following question:

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The correct answer is, of course, Florian Hopfensperger aka Burny! Congrats to Liam B., who got that one right. You should have received our mail by now.

If your name is not Liam or you didn’t receive a mail, don’t worry! The next giveaway is just around the corner.


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  • Dorian

    His photographer name’s is Florian Hopfensperger (Burny) ! :)
    Size : L
    Shoes : 42
    Deck 8.25

    Thanks :)

  • Jasper

    Awnser: Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger

    Size – M
    Shoe size – 44
    Deck – 8.00

  • Christiaan

    Photographer: Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger
    Size: XL
    Shoe size: 42
    Flip deck: Lopez Comix 8.25 Deck

  • cfgorka

    La respuesta es Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger. mi talla de pie es 42 Europea, Mi talla es L. Para la cubierta 8 o más.

    Un saludo

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