June 2021

The Marana is one of the most popular skate shoes from etnies – especially because of its fit and durability. With the Marana Slip XLT, the brand now introduces a slip-on version of the etnies classic. We have tested the etnies Marana Slip-On for you.

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High-Tech, Low Maintenance – the etnies Marana Slip XLT

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

The Marana Slip combines pretty much all shoe technologies etnies has to offer. The skate shoe features rubberized reinforcements on both the front and heel for durability. The sole is a vulcanized construction with the proven etnies Michelin outsole, which provides grip, flexibility and durability and is also used in the etnies Marana Vulc.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

New in the Marana Slip XLT is the extra thick “Drop to the Floor” Pro Foam 2 PU insole. The foamed footbed provides both optimal cushioning and comfort throughout the session and beyond. Due to its special construction, the new Slip On from etnies also has a comfortable fit and guarantees a secure fit and easy slip.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

First impression: fit & comfort of the etnies Marana Slip

In my opinion, the etnies Marana Slip-On fits regularly and is true-to-size. In general, the shoe makes a slim impression due to its narrow silhouette and minimal padding. Still, it didn’t feel too snug, my toes had enough room and the shoe fit perfectly. The fit is definitely comparable to the other Marana models. Both wide and narrow feet should be able to cope with the Marana Slip.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

Many skaters have concerns with Slip Ons that the shoe does not fit tight enough. I was also skeptical at first because of the flat silhouette. With the etnies Marana Slip you don’t have to worry about that. The shoe fits tightly and is comfortable at the same time. This is supported by the Pro Foam 2 footbed, which adapted perfectly to the shape of my foot. The flexible tongue straps make getting into the Slip On Marana especially comfortable.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

Boardfeel & Grip: etnies Marana Slip XLT performance test

I didn’t have to break in the etnies Marana Slip XLT for a long timeh. After the second session at the latest, I had become completely accustomed to the shoe and a familiar board feeling set in. The extremely grippy Michelin sole, which we have already tested the etnies Marana, became a little more flexible over time and is a real dream team with the Pro Foam 2.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

The combination even deals well annoying primo landings. If the classic etnies Marana is too stiff for you, this vulcanized construction offers a very good alternative that is suitable for both impact skating and more technical tricks. Only in terms of stability, the etnies Marana Slip does not set the bar too high, which is simply due to the flat cut of the shoe. If you tend to roll your ankle, this may not be your ideal model.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

Endless Sessions: durability of the Marana Slip-On

When it comes to durability, the Marana Slip XLT shines brightest: even after 15 hours of wear test, the shoe only shows slight signs of wear. The reinforcements are well positioned on the shoe and only the hem near the ollie area shows some abrasion.

etnies Marana Slip XLT Test Review

As with the etnies Marana, the Michelin sole delivers what it promises. In comparison, this vulcanized version felt a bit thinner than the cupsole Marana. But even after several sessions, the tread still had first-class grip.


The etnies Marana Slip XLT is a great blend of the best features of the classic Marana with an extra dose of board feel and freedom of movement. If you are or were a fan of the Marana and prefer a slimmer silhouette, etnies’ slip-on version should be perfect for you. I think the shoe is suitable for pretty much any kind of skating and is also rather affordable.


  • slim design
  • tested Michelin sole
  • lots of boardfeel & grip
  • freedom of movement & comfort
  • good cushioning properties


  • limited stability in the ankle region