May 2023

“Everything Austyn wanted in his skate shoe” – that’s how Globe advertises the Gillette pro skate shoe. Sounds promising, considering how much experience Austyn Gillette has to offer. We extensively tested the Globe Gillette for you.

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Globe Gillette skate shoe review

Austyn Gillette is for many skaters the definition of style on a skateboard. Just like Austyn himself, his pro shoe from HUF already split opinions a few years ago. The Globe Gillette should follow this tradition. The skate shoe combines many approaches and is simply something different from most models on the market.

A look at the details of the Globe Gillette skate shoe

The Globe pro shoe by Austyn Gillette is a vulcanized construction with a focus on board feel and control. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the shoe’s toe cap that completely encloses it. This is not a rampant vulcanization. Instead, the “Flex-Resin Formula Wrap” could be described as printed-on rubber. The shoe remains surprisingly flexible despite the material.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review – Flex-Resin Formula Wrap

Just as unusual is the upper of the Globe Gillette, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a PRO skate shoe that is completely suede-free. The first colourways of Austyn’s shoes use waxed canvas on the outside and some sort of synthetic mesh on the inside, making them vegan.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review - upper

Unlike almost all skate shoes I’ve seen, the Globe Gillette has rectangular lace eyelets. This is to prevent the flat laces from twisting and to provide better support and durability.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review - Lace eyelets

This is also where one of the most interesting features comes into play – the three dashes in the ollie area. This is a kind of minimalist ollie pad or “bumper”, which should prevent the laces from tearing at the first eyelets.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review - Ollie Bumper

More features than at first glance – the inner part of the Globe Gillette

The Gillette skate shoe from Globe almost does without padding. You’ll only find a touch of foam on the tongue and heel. Much more of it awaits you in the Lux Shockbed insole. It’s moulded at the heel and arch and provides comfort and cushioning at the same time.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review - insoles

The inside of the shoe is lined with “synthetic suede”. The microfiber-like material ensures that the shoes don’t rub. This makes them comfortable to wear even after long sessions. You can easily spot perforations on the entire inside of the shoe. On the shoe’s inside you can see additional cutouts, which should provide ventilation.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review - sockliner

Unboxing: Fit and size recommendation of the Globe Gillette

The shoe looks quite pointy in the toe area. Despite my rather wide foot, my usual shoe size fit me well. I would say the Globe Gillette is “true to size” and I recommend you order it in your usual size.

Globe Gillette skate shoe sizing

Due to the shape of the shoe, it feels rather tight, especially in the front area. Around the ankle, however, I had plenty of room. Here I recommend tight lacing! If you like to wear your skate shoes tight, the Gillette could be a challenge for you.

Globe Gillette skate shoe sze recommendation

The Globe Gillette shoes are incredibly lightweight, making them comfortable to wear right from the first step or push. The material on the inside adds to the overall comfort, and there’s no need to break them in.

The Globe Gillette wear test

For my review, I skated the Globe Gillette skate shoe with a relatively fresh setup.

I must say, the board feel of the Globe Gillette is truly remarkable. Moreover, the shoe provides an unparalleled grip. During my initial tricks, it felt like my board was glued to my feet. As anticipated from Austyn’s shoe, the design aids in a precise flick.

The insole provides proper cushioning but is not designed for very heavy impacts. However, you can tell the shoe was designed with Austyn’s skating in mind – flip tricks, fast manoeuvres, ledges and whatever else you encounter when street skating.

Globe Gillette skate shoe review

The durability of the Globe Gillette

One of the most intriguing questions about shoes is how long they will last. Thankfully, the Globe and Austyn canvas shoes instil confidence with their Flex-Resin Formula Wrap construction.

The formula seems to work out because even after several sessions I could not detect any holes or tears in the upper. The shoe remains very flexible despite all the reinforcements. The wear on the rubber lining is visible, but minor. The colour rubbed off, but the material is still intact.

The double vulcanization in the toe area has visibly worn off through Kickflips. But there is still plenty of material here, which promises a few more sessions. The “ollie bumpers” have done their job, as you can see from the scratches on the material. The laces have remained intact there.

Weak spots of the Globe Gillette

As well as the three ollie bumpers do work in the front of the shoe, I would like to see them on the last two eyelets. After only a short time I had torn the first lace during BS 180s and Backside Kickflips.

Another point I have to criticize is the durability of the sole profile. Although the shoe grips fantastic from start to finish, the profile works off quite quickly with newer griptape.

Conclusion: Is the Globe Gillette your next skate shoe?

The Globe Gillette is a minimalist skate shoe that has strategically placed features, making it more versatile than it appears at first glance. However, I do have some concerns about the durability of the sole and the price of the shoe, which are the main points of criticism.

  • If you were a fan of the HUF Classic Low and have been searching for a minimalist alternative for years, Austyn has finally created a really good option for you. The Globe Gillette might be right up your alley.
  • If you like lightly cushioned skate shoes and do a lot of flip tricks, the Globe Gillette will give you board control and flick like you probably want.
  • If you often tear the first two laces which understandably annoys you to no end, the Globe Gillette has the solution for you through its ollie bumpers.


  • Top board feel, grip & control
  • No breaking in


  • Durability of outsole
  • Price


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