June 2023

30 years etnies Rap – the skate shoe from etnies is one of the brand’s most successful and durable models. Reason enough to take a closer look at the newly revised etnies M.C. Rap. Check out our Wear Test to find out what the Rap is all about!

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etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

First impression of the etnies M.C. Rap Low

High-quality, well-made & a little bulky. These are the first impressions of the etnies M.C. Rap are consistently positive for me. In terms of appearance, the Rap Low is reminiscent of the old etnies M.C. Rap, with the difference that the new version seems more contemporary. The tongue is a lot narrower and the shoe generally looks a bit more modern.

etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

The fit

As typical for etnies shoes, the fit is a bit wider and more comfortable. I felt “out of the box” and comfortable in the M.C. Rap. It didn’t need a break-in period, as the shoe was very comfortable from the start.

In my opinion, the material of the M.C. Rap from etnies is a little thicker in some places than other models. However, this is a purely subjective perception and only benefits the shoe.

etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

The first sessions in the etnies M.C. Rap

etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

As usual, for skate shoes with cup soles, the board feeling has only really settled after a few hours of skating. Flip tricks were no problem from the beginning and felt directly familiar and safe. After the brief “breaking in” period, I felt very secure and stable in the etnies M.C. Rap.

The durability of the M.C. Rap from etnies

Overall, I skated the M.C. Rap for about 30 hours and he still holds up well. Usual signs of wear are of course visible, but the shoe is far from being “done”. There is still a lot of suede left in the ollie and flick area.

etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

The sole has the most wear, especially on the ball of the foot. Measured by the number of hours and my way of skating, however, the wear is within limits. Especially in the rear area, the sole of the M.C. Rap is still very stable and grippy.

etnies M.C. Rap Wear Test

The only criticism regarding durability is that I had to change the laces after about 25 hours. However, it should be mentioned here that I put on a new grip tape for the Wear Test and therefore, the abrasion was greater than usual.


The M.C. Rap is probably the best etnies shoe I have skated so far. It has very solid workmanship, provides enough safety and stability and offers enough board feel for any kind of skating. Without hesitation, I would skate the etnies M.C. Rap any time again.


  • Boardfeel
  • Durability
  • Cushioning
  • Allround shoe


  • “breaking in” – period