December 2022

Within a short time Tiago Lemos has received two pro skate shoes from New Balance Numeric. Both the NBN 1010 and its follow-up, the NBN 808 , have their advantages. We have tested for you where the strengths of the two shoes are.

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New Balance Numeric 808 vs NBN 1010 Wear Test

Tiago Lemos’ first pro shoe for New Balance Numeric was a huge success. With the release of the NB# Tiago 1010, New Balance launched a skate shoe that skillfully combines modern technology with a “bulky” retro design. A mixture that was not previously available, but met with great demand.

Best conditions for another silhouette with similar traits: the NB# Tiago 808. Both shoes benefit from a broad technology know-how and the experienced product development of New Balance.

New Balance Numeric Tiago: 90s vibes & high-tech

Both the New Balance Numeric Tiago 1010 and the NB# Tiago 808 are full of technological refinements. However, there are some differences here between the two models.

New Balance Numeric 808 Wear Test

Both shoes are constructed as cupsoles. While the 1010 is a bit more sporty and agile, the 808 trumps with more stability & support. But it is also a bit heavier.

New Balance Numeric 808 Wear Test

At the heart of the 1010 is the “FuelCell” midsole cushioning with an Ortholite insole. The 808 uses the new “ABZORB” midsole, which is designed to provide ample shock absorption and lasting comfort.

Fit & boardfeel of the NB# Tiago 1010

Despite the wide silhouette, the #1010 feels comfortably athletic or snug on the foot and offers a decent boardfeel. The FuelCell sole unit is a noticeable technology.

New Balance Numeric 1010 Wear Test

I’ve rarely had such a comfortable skate shoe on as the Tiago 1010. Combined with the Ortholite insole and FantomFit support system, you’re doing your feet a real favor with this shoe.

Fit & boardfeel of the NB# Tiago 808

The 808 can hardly compete with the 1010 in terms of fit and boardfeel. However, this comparison is almost unfair. The 808 offers excellent comfort with the ABZORB midsole and is cut even slightly beefier than the Tiago 1010.

New Balance Numeric 808 Wear Test

The Tiago 808 is basically the more robust shoe and the silhouette that delivers more stability and support. Therefore, however, you have to accept a few sacrifices in the boardfeel. Like the #1010, it is equipped with an Ortholite insole. The NB# Tiago 808 is slightly stiffer overall and not quite as flexible as the NB# Tiago 1010.

Durability of the NB# Tiago 1010

The New Balance 1010 skate shoe is made of smooth or suede leather and mesh panels, depending on the model. Highly stressed areas of the shoe are additionally protected from premature wear by NDurance reinforcements.

New Balance Numeric 1010 Wear Test

The shoe is a quality product, which is immediately clear when unpacking – the clean processing and high-quality materials leave a very good impression that remains even after long use.

Durability of the NB# Tiago 808

Like its predecessor, the #808 does very well in terms of durability. In fact, this is where the true strengths of the shoe lie. In terms of durability, the Tiago 808 can certainly be compared to a tank.

New Balance Numeric 808 Wear Test

In addition to the NDurance reinforcements, attention was also paid to durability in the lacing. Thus, at the lowest two eyelets a rubber coating is used which protects the laces from wear by grip tape. The shoe is built enormously robust and durable – whether leather panels, mesh fabric, seams or the rubber of the sole.

Conclusion: New Balance Numeric 1010 or 808 – Which one suits you?

With the two Tiago Pro models, New Balance Numeric has brought two shoes onto the skate shoe market that are in the upper class in terms of both quality and price.

While the NB# Tiago 1010 shines especially through a high wearing comfort and a good fit, the NB# Tiago 808 impressed me especially in terms of stability, support & durability. Depending on what you value in your skate shoes, I can confidently recommend both models to you. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Pros NB# Tiago 1010

  • design
  • doardfeel
  • breathability
  • comfort

Cons NB# Tiago 1010

  • none

Pros NB# Tiago 808

  • design
  • durability
  • stability & support

Cons NB# Tiago 808

  • price