November 2022

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Vans Half Cab , the iconic brand celebrates the legendary skate shoe together with the skateboarding world. Reason enough for us to test the updated version of Steve Caballero’s iconic Pro Model from 1992.

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Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

The timeless silhouette of the Half Cab ’92 is unchanged even after 30 years, but the shoe got some technical updates due to the challenges of modern skating.

Impression and fit of the Half Cab ’92

Fresh out of the box, the Half Cab ’92 fits like a skate shoe should. The shoe is “true to size”, therefore you can order it in your usual size. Without pressure points, the foot lies firmly embedded on the new PopCush Energy footbed. The padded tongue is always held in the optimal position by tonguestraps. This creates a pleasant feeling of security in the midfoot area.

Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

The mid-cut silhouette of the Half Cab also provides a comfortable cushioning in the ankle area and protects a little better from boards that could shoot out of nowhere and hunt your ankles.

Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

The first sessions in the Vans Skate Half Cab

Without having worn in the shoe before the first session, I had a nice feel right from the start without feeling unprotected. When skating, the Half Cab ’92 performs in the usual Vans manner – good boardfeel, first-class flick behavior and good cushioning in the sole area.

Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

Whether at the toe or at the heel, the Half Cab offers sufficient protection everywhere, so that even stronger impacts can be taken. During flip tricks, the shoe convinces thanks to the upper material made of suede. The tried-and-true Vans Duracap Toe Cap guarantees long-lasting durability for lasting fun with flip tricks.

The newly designed outsole in the classic Wafflecup design has been updated with the new SickStick rubber compound and can impress with even better grip, flexibility and maximum durability.

Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

Durability of the Vans Skate Half Cab ’92

After about 20 skated hours, the usual signs of wear and tear can be seen. A few seams tore in the flick area. This did not affect the feel or performance of the shoe.

Vans Skate Half Cab ´92 Wear Test

The laces also show usual signs of use, but are still far from tearing. The tread of the sole is still fully intact after the extensive sessions and is not excessively worn at any point. The Half Cab convinces here with the usual Vans quality and provides long grip on the board.


The Vans Skate Half Cab ’92 is a veteran in the Vans range. Even after 30 years the classic convinces with quality, comfort and first-class skate performance. Whether in transition or out on the street, with the Half Cab you are well equipped and can rip any terrain. I could not discover any weaknesses and still skated the shoe far beyond the test phase. If you’re looking for a timeless and functional skate shoe, you’ll find exactly what you need in the Vans Half Cab ’92!


  • Board feel & grip
  • No “breaking in” phase
  • Durability


  • none