March 2020

It is probably no exaggeration to say that Shane O’Neill is one of the best pro skaters out there. With some unforgettable video clips and a hard work ethic, he has earned his first pro shoe, the Nike SB Shane. We’ve tested the Nike SB Shane for you.

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Nike SB Shane Wear Test - Review

Nike SB Shane – New Model, Proven Technology

Nike SB Shane Wear Test - Review

It’s no secret that Shane O’Neill’s favourite shoe to skate in was the Nike SB Janoski. After his signature colorway came out in 2017, it was only a matter of time before he had his own pro model shoe. The design of the Nike SB Shane is also quite similar to the silhouette of the Nike SB Janoski. The optional ghillie straps on the Shane are striking. Its concealed laceloops allow for an alternative lacing. This minimizes contact with the griptape and the laces last longer.

Boardfeel & Fit

When first put on, the Shane felt like a very typical Nike SB skate shoe. Because of the tight fit in the midfoot area, it showed similarities to the Jansoki. However, the shoe breaks in very quickly, so it had a comfortable fit after only half a day.

Nike SB Shane Wear Test - Review

The sole is pleasantly soft, but not too thin, which provides a lot of board feeling and is therefore especially suitable for technical tricks. The Nike SB Shane was immediately skateable for me and didn’t need any break-in period or getting used to. Overall the shoes make a good impression with a very high quality. Several small features like lounge straps (elastic bands that stabilize the tongue and contribute to a tight fit), hidden toe-cap and the Zoom unit of the sole support this notion.


Nike SB Shane Wear Test - Review

As expected, Shane O’Neill’s first signature skate shoe is perfectly designed for board control. This is especially noticeable doing manual, flat & curb tricks. In terms of impact I had no negative experiences during the test, although I avoided stair sets with more than six steps. The suede immediately feels pleasantly soft and allowed for a lot of feel for the board when doing technical tricks. It even seemed like I was landing technical tricks better and faster.



I skated the Nike SB Shane for about 25 hours and couldn’t see any obvious weaknesses in durability. The material and workmanship are, as expected, of high quality. The sole surprised me in a positive way in terms of durability. Even after 25 hours of skating, the vulcanized rubber outsole with a herringbone profile still looked almost as good as new. Despite some kickflips, only minimal abrasion is visible.

The suede in the toe area is seamlessly constructed, which contributes to the durability. The upper material is essentially divided into two parts: the long toebox is connected to the midfoot area and merges into the heel element. After a few sessions, one of the seams in the multiple stitched Ollie-area loosened up, but this didn’t affect the performance.

Nike SB Shane Wear Test - Review

The suede leather withstood the stress of riding very well. I couldn’t find any unusual signs of wear or material fatigue. In my opinion, the visible wear is acceptable considering the duration of the test and didn’t affect performance at all.


The wait for the first Shane O’Neill pro shoe was well worth it. The Nike SB Shane fulfills all expectations and won me over completely. The Shane shines, especially in terms of durability, board feel and comfort. Especially when it comes to comfort, the Nike SB Shane has an advantage over the Janoski because the shoe has a better balance between flexibility and stiffness right from the start. If you are looking for a durable & affordable skate shoe designed for technical skating, you’ve found the answer with the Nike SB Shane.


  • price/performance ratio
  • board feel
  • durabilty


  • tight fit