November 2016

“Never change a running system!“ – That’s the way Volcom and Anti Hero thought about releasing another collab and fortunately, they did. Designed with conquest in mind, the new Volcom X Anti Hero Collection was created using input from mutual riders Grant Taylor, Chris Pfanner and Anti Hero’s newest pro, Daan van der Linden. Get ready for your adventures on four wheels!

Real life happens on the streets, skateboarding lives there

Volcom and Anti-Hero team rider Grant Taylor calls the collaboration “a no brainer“ and his teammate on both brands, Chris Pfanner, agrees: “These two companies are well known for their love for the open road and venturing into the unknown, so it just makes sense that they combine their experience to put out solid gear that can withstand the miles we cover on our adventures.“ True to this ideal, both brands began to create a co-branded apparel and accessories series.

Beyond helping design the apparel, the crew hit the streets of NYC, the crusty DIY’s of New Jersey and abandoned backyard pools of Long Island to put the collection to the test. As always, the gang destroyed everything in their path. The Volcom x Anti Hero clothes fit them well and resisted successfully the heavy wear test. The result can be seen in “The Vickie Report’ featured by the Thrasher Magazine. And in the recent clip for the latest collection:

The team with Grant, Chris and Daan skated the whole collection and as you could see for yourself, the Volcom x Anti Hero collab features finest streetwear for skateboarding and all your adventures down the streets of the world. That’s exactly what you were looking for.

Get ready for some outdoor action and dress up with the Volcom x Anti Hero … jacket and the High Track beanie to stay nice and warm on your way to the spot. Yes, I’m talking about rocking ledges, banks, and gaps out in the streets. To cold? No way! You and your skateboard will love the fresh air during the colder days of the year. And if you need new stuff or if you just like the collab, the Volcom x Anti Hero collection is definitely the right address!

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