September 2016

With the éS Accel SQ the brand brings back a classic skate shoe with some updates. But will this new version of the éS Accel still have the same feeling of the classic skate shoe from the past? Find out in my latest wear test!

The éS Accel SQ Shoe at skatedeluxe

The és Accel – A skate shoe classic

With the Accel shoe éS wrote Skateboarding history. Since the mid 90’s until early 2000’s nearly every skater wore this model at least once on his feet. Even I myself remember skating a pair of Accel’s in black smooth leather while practicing boardslides in front of our garage. With that personal memory in mind, I was surely tense about how this reissue of the shoe would be, especially as part of the comeback of éS Skateboarding.

By now there are already three different models of the Accel shoe. Traditionalists will dig the Accel OG, that comes with the same construction as the original shoe. The Accel Slim represents a thinner edition and finally the SQ gives you the Accel approach as a vulcanized model. We decided to take the Accel SQ out on the streets to test its skateability and leave all nostalgia behind to bring in a prosaically verdict.

The éS Accel SQ Shoe at skatedeluxe

Fit and Feel

Besides the iconic name, the Accel SQ has not as much in common with the original as you might think. The SQ model comes with a vulc sole instead of a cup sole. The form is noticeable slimmer and is build more subtle in terms of the cushioning. If you take a look at the Square Two – a model éS build in the late 00’s – you’ll understand why it’s marked as an inspiration for the Accel SQ.

Right from the start, it was perceivable that the SQ turns out quite large. You should buy it at least ½ size smaller. If you like your shoes in a tight fit, you should consider choosing the Accel SQ even one size smaller than normal. As a highlight, the SQ comes with a large panel of velour leather at the area of the toes. While flicking your board there are no disturbing stitches or suchlike and you get a really nice board feel. That’s not at least the benefit of the vulc sole that also empowers you with great grip. You have to say that the Accel SQ is a great vulc model. It’s easy to settle in and the shoe is very comfortable. Some could say that the impact protection of the SQ could be better, especially when you’re going for gaps and stair sets a lot. I personally was satisfied with the impact reduction which was way better than most vulc models I tested before.

The éS Accel SQ skate shoe at skatedeluxe


When it comes to durability the real profit of the Accel SQ lies in the toe construction that is formed as one piece. As a result of this, the abrasion takes place on a solid part of the shoe and does not infect any stitches. The material on the outside is made of suede which is also quite resistant. After ten intensive hours of Skateboarding, you could see a small hole nevertheless. Without any damage was the sole what shows that the vulc sole construction of éS can take more than one hit.

éS Accel SQ shoes at skatedeluxe


As a development of the Square 2 model éS delivers a great show for fans of vulc models, even though the Accel SQ has not much in common with the Accel model from the 90’s and 2000’s. The high comfort, in particular, left a fair impression of the Accel SQ. It just felt really good to skate this shoe. As simple as that.


• boardfeel & grip
• comfort

• early sings of wear around the toe area



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