September 2022

The Emerica KSL G6 has been reworked by Emerica and Kevin Long and equipped with modern technology. It was important for pro – skater Kevin “Spanky” Long to keep the original silhouette and offer as much comfort and durability as possible. We have tested the Emerica KSL G6 extensively for you.

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Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

First impression of the Emerica KSL G6

The Emerica KSL Dos was one of my first skate shoes almost 15 years ago. My anticipation was high when Emerica and Kevin “Spanky” Long announced a new edition of the shoe and I couldn’t wait to hold the redesigned pro model in my hand and skate it.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

The Emerica KSL G6 has a cupsole construction with Pour-in G6 polyurethane midsole and comes with a padded tongue as well as padded hem. In addition, the shoe has a perforated toe box that allows sweaty skate feet to breathe a bit.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

The shoe convinced me even more when I finally held this in my hand. I was extremely positively surprised by the low weight of the KSL G6 as well as the silhouette, which is narrower in real than I had assumed.

Fit and size

With almost all shoes I wear US 12/EU 46 and the Emerica KSL G6 fits me perfectly. In addition, the shoe has a relatively normal cut. If you have slightly wider feet, the shoe will quickly adjust to your feet. Normally I wear insoles because of my ankles. However, this was not at all necessary due to the G6 sole and the shoes were very beneficial for my feet.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

The performance of the KSL G6

The G6 cupsole offers excellent cushioning and convinced me very quickly. While walking to the spot I already noticed how pleasant the sole feels. I had a safe and good board feeling right away. For (slappy) curbs and street skateboarding, the KSL G6 is ideally suited.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

The KSL G6 cushions impressively, so that impacts are cushioned relatively gently for the feet. The feet are well protected by the padding in the hem and tongue. In general, the shoe is very solid, but does not look bulky and wide. If you want to throw yourself down a set of stairs or a gap, then the KSL G6 will not let you down here.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test


I skated the KSL G6 shoes relatively flexible and versatile, because I tend to feel most comfortable in transitions and I am also a big fan of (Slappy) Curbs. The shoes convince with high durability in the ollie and kickflip area, as only after 10 hours of intensive skating the first wear was evident. The laces are not torn so far and the sole has shown first wear after 20 hours. However, it has not felt thinner, but was just as robust and cushioning as at the beginning.

Emerica KSL G6 Wear Test

So far the seams also hold very solid and a possible hole in the ollie / patch area is not visible. Traces of use and abrasion are of course still visible. Only the seam above the laces on the shoe tongue is somewhat torn open by doing Nollies. The durability has convinced me all along the line. Nevertheless, I am sure that after another 20 hours skating, the shoes will show more and more wear.


Emerica has lifted a real classic from obscurity and put a robust, modern skate shoe on the market. The KSL G6 by Emerica is a simple, classic skate shoe with modern technology and is suitable for all who are looking for a durable, well cushioned all-rounder!


  • durability
  • feel/comfort
  • cushioning


  • less board-feel